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HarmonyOS crosses the barrier of multi-device connection experience: Huawei CBG Chief



On June 2nd, Huawei has officially presented the HarmonyOS 2 in front of the world alongside the number of HarmonyOS installed 4G smartphones and new products that including the flagship smartwatch, new tablet, and more.

This new mobile operating system debuted under the catchword “One as all, all as one” and became the latest software ecosystem for the tech market.

At the event, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business, Richard Yu (Yu Chengdong) says that we not only manufacture smart products but also guided a path towards a new life.

Furthermore, he mentioned that over the decade Huawei has accomplished many innovations to polish a smartphone, which includes camera-centric modules, new ways of communication, solving Android stuttering, battery and charging technology, folding screens, and so on.

Not only smartphones but there is no segment, which the company hasn’t touch, such as smartwatches, smart bands, smart screens, routers, tablets, laptops, even the smart car also features improved Huawei technology.

The CEO believes that from laptops to smartphones to IoT, we can see the problem of smooth internet connection due to the segmentation of devices. It’s not easy to experience smart and easy interaction with a number of different platforms.

Huawei HarmonyOS is a perfect solution to solve the fragmentation experience between the smart IoT devices including smartphones, smart accessories, laptops, and other IoT devices. There is a huge number of devices supported by HarmonyOS.

As per the information, Huawei HarmonyOS’ full scenario smart life solution covers five major areas to provide a one-stop solution. It supports the following-

  • Smart Home
  • Smart Office
  • Smart Travel
  • Sports and Health
  • Audio-Visual Entertainment

Adding to this, it supports all the devices, no matter what the size of that device is. From small as 128KB or large as 4GB and more, it provides the same service in all to fulfill the responsibility of a one-stop solution.

The distributing technology allows the different hardware to incorporated as one terminal for easy convenience.

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