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HarmonyOS Open Source Project doesn’t belongs to any organization, OpenAtom Foundation refuses rumors



As per the latest news coming from the Chinese media, the OpenAtom Foundation reacted to the rumors related to the OpenHarmony Open Source project and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The foundation stated that the OpenHarmony Project doesn’t belong to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it leads by the member council of the OpenHarmony project and balloting system.

The member council has one representative from each firm, which joins this project, and the major subjects are solved by the voting system. The majority of votes decides the answer or solution.

Prior to this, the Open Atom Open Source Foundation announced that it has accepted all the basics and core capabilities related to HarmonyOS donated by Huawei and name the project as OpenAtom OpenHarmony.

The project team is continuing to develop the open-source HarmonyOS code so that everyone can use it and modify it as their need. The team includes members such as Huawei,, Runhe, Yikatong, Software Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chinasoft International.

Apart from this, recently Huawei stated that HarmonyOS offers full support for Unified Push Server and liked specifications in order to reduce the developing cost of HarmonyOS 2.

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