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PSA: Huawei donated HarmonyOS core structure to OpenAtom Foundation



According to the latest news coming from the OpenAtom Foundation, Huawei has donated the HarmonyOS core structure package and all the basic capabilities related to code to the firm.

The  OpenAtom Foundation named this project the OpenAtom OpenHarmony project concerning the Chinese naming rules. Furthermore, Huawei will continue to participate in this project and make sure it progresses.

It was also revealed that a group of seven Chinese firms, which include PATEO, HUAWEI,, Runhe, Yikatong, Software Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chinasoft International founded the OpneHarmony project under the guidance of OpenAtom Foundation in December last year.

The main motto of this project team to build open-source community governance, in which many other organizations have been invested and helped to build this project. The spokespeople of the various firms command this project works on the voting system. Each firm has one vote with a fair voting process and supervision procedures.

As per the data concluded by 31st May 2021, the participation number of the various firms in this project has been cross 240. And on the 1st of June, the OpenHarmony 2.0 Canary version has been debuted on Gitee,  a code hosting platform.

OpenHarmony project adopts the marketing-friendly open-source approach like Apache 2.0. The other fellow companies, enterprise, and private firms can utilize the OpenHarmony open source code and modify it according to their will. The company believes that the OpenHarmony project is for everyone.

Furthermore, many famous names such as Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei, Inspur, 360, Tencent, and China Merchants Bank is the member of this project which was established back in the June of 2006.

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