Huawei HarmonyOS opens support for Unified Push Server

According to the latest information shared by the Unified Push Alliance, it’s actively interacting with Huawei developers in regard to the HarmonyOS and related staff so that the accommodation charge can be reduced.

Responding to this statement, a Huawei official said, at the moment, Huawei HarmonyOS offers full support for Unified Push Server and associated namings. It’s proved a great help in reducing the HarmonyOS 2 developing cost.

Huawei HarmonyOS is still in its early stage of distribution and various improvements are yet to be done. Concerning this, it’s really helpful to get the Unified Push support for the Huawei developers of HM OS.

Talking about the UnifiedPush Server, it is a server that allows sending native push messages to different mobile operating systems and has many members.

Besides, the HarmonyOS operating system and product launch conference was a great success, which introduces the HarmonyOS 2 mobile version and the latest devices powered by HarmonyOS.

Furthermore, the company sends the stable built to the flagship series while the others are getting the HarmonyOS public beta updates and will soon be shifted on the stable built.

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