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HarmonyOS is a pirated copy of Android? Some users spreading rumors after WiFi issues



Earlier this month, Huawei released its brand new operating system – HarmonyOS, as it provides a seamless cross-device user experience powered by its distributed capabilities.

HarmonyOS is open source and its project is designed to still support Android applications. Previously, Huawei said that HarmonyOS still retains its ability to run Android apps because to protect the Applications and services of Huawei’s existing mobile phone and tablet users on EMUI (Android).

Following the launch, Huawei smartphones become the first to adopt this operating system, and fans are quite excited to bring HarmonyOS 2 on their smartphones as soon as possible.

Although HarmonyOS brings a lot of new features and changes in the user interface but it also brings some bugs that are needed to be resolved and could not be addressed without further scrutiny under the beta testing.

As recently, some users have begun to experience random issues with WiFi on Huawei devices with HarmonyOS. Thereafter, some users on Chinese social network sites began to push a rumor that “HarmonyOS is a pirated version of Android”.

that’s not it because this rumor is being circulated in the name of China Mobile, China’s largest telecom network provider. Here’s what the text says (translated)


“As Huawei HarmonyOS pirates Android and is not certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, devices with HarmonyOS installed to connect to the network via WIFI will have slow network speeds and dropped connections. It needs to wait for the Huawei system side to negotiate with the WIFI alliance side for filing, and the approval of the Internet-related organizations. This phenomenon has nothing to do with the network, please be aware of the users who use the HarmonyOS system.”

China Mobile Denied:

In response to this, China Mobile clearly denied this message and said it is a false rumor. The relevant spokesperson of China Mobile said that the company is never made such remarks, and the China Mobile Shanghai branch not received user feedback on the issue of the use of such WiFi issue.


This kind of rumor has appeared before and Huawei officials have been busted them down with facts. Rumors are not correct so, don’t believe until you have got an official confirmation.

(Via – ithome)

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