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HarmonyOS ecosystem achieves new milestone, adds over 700 hardware partners




HarmonyOS ecosystem has now exceeded over 700 hardware partners, which is a new milestone for Huawei. Recently, the smart hardware brands that support Huawei HiLink and work on the HarmonyOS system have been upgraded to the HarmonyOS Connect.

Huawei is welcoming third-party smart device providers to join HarmonyOS Connect. So that they can successfully launch new products on Huawei Mall. To be mentioned, the company is working with the partners to develop the HarmonyOS system for other devices since April last year.

HarmonyOS ecosystem

HarmonyOS has microkernel-based architecture, rich libraries, and high-performance IPC technology aren’t restricted to any platform. The Super Device feature brings and an all scenario one-stop solution between multiple devices. The three main characteristics can define as follows-

  • Different devices in the same language
  • Hardware mutual assistance to form a super device
  • Services flow across various device

HarmonyOS Connect Partners

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HarmonyOS Connect:

In May this year, Yang Haisong- Vice-President of Huawei Consumer Business AI announced the HarmonyOS Connect to support and sell the products of the ecological partners.

Next month in June, the company silently launch the HarmonyOS Connect Zone on Huawei Mall with various products powered by HarmonyOS. From home appliances to digital cameras, all equipment runs on the Huawei system.

Besides, the company has set a target of 300 million installations including 100 million third-party devices to complete by the next year.

To date, HarmonyOS has been installed on over 50 million smartphones in China and the company is continuously increasing the speed of old smartphone upgrades. Thereafter, Huawei is looking to feed HarmonyOS in as much as devices possible.

(Source – Huawei)

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