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Huawei Investment & Holding’s registered capital increased by 6.62%




Recently, Huawei Investment & Holding has been undergone some business changes and recorded and a 6.62% increase in registered capital of the company, says a report. Now, the company’s registered capital has reached 38.663 billion Yuan from 36.450 billion Yuan.

It’s reported that Huawei Investment & Holding was founded on 14th March in 2003. The company’s Labor Union Committee and founder of Huawei Technologies- Ren Zhengfei jointly owns this company. To be mentioned, the labor union committee holds the largest shares meanwhile Ren Zhengfei only contains 0.94%.

Huawei Investment Holding registered capital increase

With Zhao Minglu as the legal representative, its business areas are classified as foreign business investment management, training and consulting, IT service, self-owned housing, and others.

Known as the communication queen, Zhao Minglu enter Huawei in 2010. At present, she has been taking care of many subsidiaries of Huawei including HiSilicon.

Huawei Investment and Holding Zhao Minglu

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