Google Maps and Android Auto receiving new updates, brings new optimizations

Google is best known for its internet-related consumer services and applications. It also takes well care of its applications by giving them timely updates and installed the improved changes.

As recently, its real-time location providing application – Google Maps grabs new updates on both, Android and Auto platforms.

This is not just, there are more, this search engine has rolled out back-to-back updates for Google Maps within this month. The number of updates is two in digits, consisting of both beta and stable builds.

Talking about the last version for this location application, it was a 10.66.1 beta built update from 10.64.1 beta on March 31. While the stable built was 10.65.2.

As there are no words to define further, Google is working constantly and improving this location service for a better user experience. However, the detailed changelog isn’t provided officially but it’s clear that Google is working on some major changes for the APPs.

The bright spot in the feature is driving mode, it turns the navigation app into a full replacement for Android Auto for phones. It gives you one-tap access to phone calls, messages, and music apps, all from the same screen while keeping the navigation UI as the key for the whole changes.

This mode is exclusive to Android and still underway to reach different regions. Besides, the company is also developing a new function, which will not identify the fastest route to a user-defined destination. However, it will look for the second route, which is more fuel-efficient.

The update is rolling out in a staged manner, so it may take some time to reach your device. You can patiently wait for it or download it manually via stand-alone APK installers.


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