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Android 15 could boost your phone’s battery life via Adaptive Timeout feature



Android 15 Adaptive Timeout feature

Google seems to be readying another useful feature for Android 15 that can uplift your phone’s battery life – Adaptive Timeout. This addition to the Android version will automatically turn off the device’s screen when you are not using or operating it.

Spotted by the Android observer @MishaalRahmaan, the new Android 15 developer preview 2 consists of a new ‘adaptive timeout’ feature. It automatically turns off the screen and locks it after a certain moment, if you are not using your device.

This capability might use the front camera to detect whether you are using your phone or have kept it on a break. With the correct selection of choices, the all-new adaptive timeout feature aims to extend the battery life of your phone, making it reliable.

One can access the screen activity options by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select the Display section
  • Click on Screen Timeout
Android 15 Adaptive Timeout feature

Adaptive Timeout feature (Image Credits: AndroidAuthority)

Users can reach the lock-based options by visiting Settings and selecting the Security & Privacy section. Tap on ‘Device Unlock’ and click on the Screen lock settings.

Mishaal further talks about “Screen attention” which prevents your screen from turning off if you are looking at it. The toggle is present in the screen timeout section.

Though Android always enables users to extend the period of keeping the screen awake, Google is now looking for something that can perform the opposite. Perhaps this will become possible with the smart Android 15 Adaptive Timeout feature.

It is unclear when the U.S. tech giant will bring the new feature to general Android phone users. Although we can expect efficient capabilities, for at least now, with Android 15.

Android 15 Adaptive Timeout feature

Adaptive Timeout feature (Image Credits: AndroidAuthority)

(Source – AndroidAuthority)

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