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Android 15 may bring enhanced desktop mode with new capabilities



Android 15 enhanced desktop mode

Google is planning to add an enhanced desktop mode in Android 15 to make it a better productivity platform. Perhaps the company may bring significant improvements to the respective Android feature with efficient window capabilities.

Desktop Mode: This feature displays even those websites on your phone that are mainly designed for big screens like laptops or tablets, by making changes to the virtual viewport of 980 pixels. It brings a comfortable reading on the device screen.

Even though it is a useful feature, it works handy for developers rather than general users. Hence Google is likely to bring an enhanced desktop mode with Android 15.

The information reveals that the U.S. tech giant is focusing on window management aspects and could impose a new multi-window experience on the desktop mode. It will guide users on how to manage multiple Android applications on the screen.

Android 15 enhanced desktop mode

Android 15 Desktop Mode (Image Credits: Google)

Applications in full-screen will show a navigation bar at the top which opens a drop-down menu with options like full-screen, split mode, and freeform mode.

The last option (freeform mode) will let you customize the window size as per your preference. Just drag its rounded corners and adjust it. Next is the modification in the app’s name, which will appear in the thick title bar alongside the maximize and close tab.

It is unclear when the tech maker will roll out these changes and what more additions will take place with the Android 15 desktop mode. Yet they seem slightly better than the past version, giving more access to control of Android applications.

(Source – AndroidCentral)

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