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Google is working on a price tracking feature for Chrome in Android devices



For a long time, Google is working on a Price Tracking feature for Android chrome, which notifies you about the price drops in your current search tabs. So, the market updates will never be out of your sight.

The new update for Google Chrome is bringing this brand new feature to keep an eye on the market status. It will be proven to be useful to the persons related to the financial market industry on a daily basis.

As per the information, this feature is available on the Chrome 90 (Stable version) for the compatible pixel lineup. However, there is no other information about the other phones. Neither directly in Chrome nor in the settings for the app notifications. We may expect Google to launch it for the other phones too.

Once the function is activated, it starts sending you a notification through a blue tab with the message “Watch Prices”. It also gives you options to change back to the turn-off mode and other configurations.


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