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Google added new video editing tools to Google Photos for global Android user



At the moment, Google is underway monetizing its Photos services and will demand users to pay for storage from this June. The company has hidden some amazing new video editing features behind the paywall already.

But there are some free video editing features that can be enjoyed by everyone like a revamped video editor, which was announced back in February and started rolling out with the latest version of Google Photos.

Back in February, Google while talking about this update feature mentioned that the new video editing tools bring 30 new controls for users. These include tools like cropping, filters, color grading options like altering contrast and brightness, adjusting saturation, and more.

Adding to this, the new video editor is much more powerful than the old version that only supported stabilizing, rotating, and trimming. It adds extensive cropping options, individual frame exports, horizon correction, and audio removal to the mix.


This latest update comes with a number of big changes to the Google Photos ecosystem. Additionally, Google said it is working to incorporate a machine learning-powered editing tool, which was previously available for Pixel and Google One subscribers.

Google is directly adding these new changes within the app so users don’t require to download and install additional video editing software on their respective devices.

(Source: Android Police)


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Download the latest Google Play Store APK [26.4.21]



Download latest Google Play Store APK

Google Play presents people with personalized collections of apps and games, based on criteria such as the user’s past activity, actions they’re trying to complete, location, and major events.

These collections are curated automatically by the Google Play editorial team to ensure they include the best apps and games on offer.

You can get apps, games, and digital content for your device using the Google Play Store app. The Play Store app comes pre-installed on Android devices that support Google Play.

Open the Play Store app:

  • On your device, go to the Apps section.
  • Tap on Google Play Store.
  • The app will open and you can search and browse for content to download.

Download the latest Google Play Store app:

If downloads from the Play Store don’t complete, try the troubleshooting steps at you can’t download from the Google Play Store.

Download latest Google Play Store APK

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Google adding option to save images in Google Photos directly from Gmail



Google is adding one more valuable feature in Gmail, which will allow you to save images in Google Photos directly from Gmail messages. As was foreseeable, many users wish for this kind of function to save their photos in an instant.

Making the wish come true, Google finally comes up with this new addition. Although it’s limited for the time being but we can hope it reaches our devices soon.

At present, it’s exclusive for the JPEG format and doesn’t support PNG, GIF, WEB, and any other layout. The procedure is quite simple, and the same as we do in Google Drive.

Before this, Google offers the users to download the images and directly save them in Google Drive. But now, we can also save them directly in Google Photos as long as they are in JPEG format.


The Course of Action: 

  • After receiving an image in Gmail, scroll down to the attachment section
  •  You’ll see three icons there, where you’ll see the “Save to Photos” icon
  • Click on it to save that image


As per the announcement come from the company, they are gradually rolling out this feature update and could take up to 15 days for it visibility on the devices.

It won’t be exclusive in terms of availability. The company is rolling out for all including personal Google Accounts, Google Workspace customers, G Suite Basic, as well as Business customers.

External Badge:

Last month, Google add an extra External badge, which gives a generous reminder when you come in contact with a user, who is not in your Google Workspace.

It’s a very helpful feature designed in bright yellow color, which shows a warning note, out of the security concern. It’s installed as default, however, users can disable it manually in the workspace.


(Source  – Androidheadlines)


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Google Meet Web getting renew design, will be available in June



Last month, Google announced the new UI design for the video conferencing app – Google Meet on the web. The additional changes include a new UI design, new features, and background changes.

However, last time Google didn’t inform how much time it will take to roll out these features, saying that it’ll come soon. Users are eagerly waiting to experience these functions on Meet.

According to the latest information, the first batch of these new features are started to roll out and will gradually expand for everyone in June.

New Feature and Changes:

Talking about the new exciting feature with more user convenience includes key controls on the bottom bar, various buttons to prevent the accidental camera on/off, pined content, and the ability to adjusting chats list or attachments.


Furthermore, users can adjust the floating pictures and are able to resize reposition or hide it. The participant, who is giving a presentation or asking questions, or giving suggestions will is in a visible blue colored border.

Rolling out Shehduled:

When Initiated:

This new UI redesign update is rolling out since Monday, May 24 on limited personal and workspace accounts across the globe.

When Expand:


The company has announced that it will begin appearing for “scheduled release” enterprise domains on June 1. Until then users will have to wait.

When Available for Desktop Users:

For the desktop users of Google Meet, it will also come to Meet conference rooms in the coming weeks. Google will soon make a way to reach this for the Desktop users.

Found Issues:

The users who already get this new version encountered some distribution in it and reported them. The listed issues are mentioned below:

  1. Missing videos
  2. Incomplete Captions
  3. Mirroring effect
  4. Flickering on the presented content on Chrome browser
  5. Blue outline is occasionally on a non-speaking participant

Moreover, users can solve these issues using various ways for the moment but a permanent solution is yet to come. While screen sharing, sharing a tab instead of a window or entire screen, and restarting the Chrome browser might help you to solve this problem momentarily.

However, the users who already get this new updated UI design can switch from the new look to the previous look until the 10th of June from the pre-call greenroom. After that, this new UI will become inevitable for all the consumers of Google Meet.

(Source – 9to5Google)

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