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Google added new video editing tools to Google Photos for global Android user

At the moment, Google is underway monetizing its Photos services and will demand users to pay for storage from this June. The company has hidden some amazing new video editing features behind the paywall already.

But there are some free video editing features that can be enjoyed by everyone like a revamped video editor, which was announced back in February and started rolling out with the latest version of Google Photos.

Back in February, Google while talking about this update feature mentioned that the new video editing tools bring 30 new controls for users. These include tools like cropping, filters, color grading options like altering contrast and brightness, adjusting saturation, and more.

Adding to this, the new video editor is much more powerful than the old version that only supported stabilizing, rotating, and trimming. It adds extensive cropping options, individual frame exports, horizon correction, and audio removal to the mix.

This latest update comes with a number of big changes to the Google Photos ecosystem. Additionally, Google said it is working to incorporate a machine learning-powered editing tool, which was previously available for Pixel and Google One subscribers.

Google is directly adding these new changes within the app so users don’t require to download and install additional video editing software on their respective devices.

(Source: Android Police)




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