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February 2022 EMUI update details comes in, EMUI 12 rollout moves on



February 2022 EMUI update details

February is ON and Huawei has now released the February 2022 EMUI security update details. The company keeps on working to bring new security solutions for the devices as it makes the way for the consumers.

The February 2022 EMUI security update brings a bunch of fixes for different types of threats that could compromise or harm your smartphones with various capabilities. According to Huawei, these issues have been noted and successfully patched in after January 2022 EMUI security update rollout.

EMUI 12:

In the meantime, Huawei is expanding the reach of EMUI 12, which comes with various new features and enables a lot of simplicity. The richness of EMUI 12 comes from its new user interface customizations that make it look similar to the HarmonyOS.

Currently, Huawei has sent this new software for the top flagship such as Huawei Mate 40 Pro, Mate 30 Pro, and P40 series under the stable channel.


For your information, February 2022 EMUI security update installs fixes for 7 high levels of CVE (Common Vulnerability Exposures) and 1 medium level CVE. While there are no issues that have been found in the critical and low level of CVE section.

On the other hand, the update also includes patches that have been fixed in January 2022 rollouts with a total count of 27 CVEs has been fixed.

The latest security update will rollout with the upcoming software updates. However, the software update may take some time as the company might be sending the past version of the security patch for your device. So, keep on checking the software update section.



  • none


  • CVE-2021-39620, CVE-2021-39623, CVE-2021-39629, CVE-2021-39632, CVE-2021-39659, CVE-2021-30353, CVE-2021-30319


  • CVE-2021-30313


  • none

Included in the last update:

CVE-2021-0956, CVE-2021-0769, CVE-2021-0978, CVE-2021-0979, CVE-2021-0981, CVE-2021-0993, CVE-2021-0996, CVE-2021-0997, CVE-2021-1001, CVE-2021-1002, CVE-2021-1003, CVE-2021-1016, CVE-2021-1017, CVE-2021-1018, CVE-2021-1019, CVE-2021-1023, CVE-2021-1025, CVE-2021-39657, CVE-2021-30262, CVE-2021-0675, CVE-2021-0961, CVE-2021-0922, CVE-2020-0347, CVE-2021-0717, CVE-2021-1030, CVE-2021-1031, CVE-2021-0977

February 2022 EMUI update details

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