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EMUI 12: New font weight adjustment feature



EMUI 12 font

Huawei has added various new functionalities to EMUI 12 but the one that will increase your UI visibility includes a new font weight-adjustment system. This adds an extra layer of customization to your user interface experience led by various factors of system fonts.

The new font adjustment feature on EMUI 12 allows you to adjust the size of the UI font from the settings manually. You can choose, how much your phone’s font will be bold or tidy as you’ve wanted.

On the other hand, you can already adjust the size of the UI text and zoom since the previous version of EMUI. The overall new adjustment will give it a new edge in terms of appearance and visibility on screen.

It’s also confirmed that EMUI 12 user interface has been improved as compared to EMUI 11 and Huawei has taken this concept of improvements to the next level similar to the HarmonyOS Sans font.

EMUI 12 fonts

The EMUI 12 is similar to HarmonyOS sans in many aspects and provides a similar feeling to the consumers.

  • Go to Settings
  • Display & brightness
  • Text size and weight
  • Drag the sliders to adjust

Do note that the text size and weight adjustment feature is unavailable in certain countries and regions.

The adjustment in the settings makes the feature more accessible throughout the system.

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