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Why Huawei EMUI 12 is not using Android 12?



Huawei emui 12 android 12

Last year, Google launched Android 12, the latest version of the Android operating system. Overall, it comes with various new features, and the Material Design got refreshed with the brand new Material You design library. There are also some changes that have been made in the performance and security side.

Following Android 12’s launch, there are many people that have asked for the base version of EMUI 12, Huawei’s new custom mobile software. According to some findings, it’s revealed that Huawei has chosen to keep this new EMUI version on Android 10. On the other hand, some consumers have concerns about why Huawei is not using the Android Open Source Project or the AOSP version of Android 12 to base EMUI 12.

For our beloved readers who don’t know, Huawei had to give up on Google services since May 2019 for new phones that launched after this timeline. Therefore, the new Huawei phone doesn’t come with pre-built Google apps.

So, why Huawei is not using Android 12 on EMUI 12? there are a few important aspects of this story that you should know about. Let’s dive in.

Huawei emui 12 android 12

It might be using:

Currently, Huawei has not specified the Android version on the official EMUI 12 listing. Therefore, we can not confirm whether the EMUI 12 doesn’t have Android 12 but it has been verified by YouTubers and the tech community that this EMUI version still has Android 10 in its core.

WFA certificate

Before a smartphone maker begins an OTA rollout, it must have to gather some important certifications including the WiFi certificate to push an over-the-air update package. Following these events, Huawei had to give up its membership after U.S. sanctions but the partnership has been re-established later in the coming year.

However, the latest software update EMUI update is seemingly rolling out as a regular OTA, not as a major software update.


Although, new Huawei smartphones cannot prove Google apps pre-build on their phone but the old ones still have Google’s GMS certificates. This means, the old phones launched before and including the Huawei P30 series still run Android apps natively.

It could be a matter that Huawei doesn’t want to touch any of the compatibility parts of the existing GMS services owners by installing the latest Android version, which is not officially supported by the phone maker.

Hence, the company is keeping it simple and providing a new look and feel for the consumers without sacrificing important services.

Shifting users on HarmonyOS:

Lastly, HarmonyOS. Yes, it’s a major topic of discussion and many users have been wondering when their devices will get a HarmonyOS upgrade? The answer is not known currently and officially. Still, we can expect that Huawei will plan to rollout the global version of HarmonyOS sooner or later. It might be the major concern why the Chinese tech maker has not been testing new Android versions since EMUI 10.0.

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