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EMUI 12: Control Panel – All in One Stop



EMUI 12 control panel

EMUI 12 is the next major software update for Huawei smartphone consumers and it comes with loads of new surprises such as the new brand new Control Panel. This new feature allows you to enjoy different services in one place. EMUI 12 Control Panel replaces the traditional Notification panel + Quick Settings panel theory as compared to EMUI 11.

For your information, the EMUI 12 has separated Control Panel and Notification Panel into two different features to improve their use cases.

Using Control Panel is easy, useful, and easy to navigate but there’s a lot to explore.

Let’s dive into this feature.

EMUI 12 Control Panel is identical to HarmonyOS’ Control Panel. Once enabled the feature will let you manage the following categories:

  • Media and Connectivity Controller
  • Quick Settings
  • Device+

EMUI 12 control panel

Time to explain:

Media and Connectivity Controller:

This part of the Control Panel will let you use media playback control such as prev, play/pause, and next. You can also switch selected media output devices. The music-related features will ease the access of such actions without opening the music app itself.

There are connectivity options that let you choose active/inactive WiFi and Bluetooth connections right from the Control Panel. You can also jump into settings by tapping and holding the features for details.

EMUI 12 control panel

Quick Settings:

This control panel has rebranded the quick settings and fed into a simple place to reach out your finger for the right place. You just need to tap on a selected quick settings icon and tap again to disable it. Simple! isn’t it? Sure it is.

Interestingly, you can always rearrange these icons or add new ones from the available shortcut settings.


It’s a feature that comprises all of your connected smart devices such as tablets, earbuds, and others. You can connect the know devices with one tap and disable them with the same interactions.

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