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Features that recently rolled out for Huawei Watch GT 2, GT 2e, and Watch Fit smartwatches



In an interval of time through observing the consumer need, Huawei rolls out the features and improvements to make consumers happy by enhancing the user experience. Not only smartphones but smartwatches have become a core part of Huawei’s consumer products.

Previously, Huawei delivered new firmware update for models of the smartwatch segment including Watch Fit, Watch GT 2 46mm, Watch GT 2 42mm, and Watch GT 2e. This new software for these smartwatches brought lots of features including watches faces, moon phase info, barometer, and much more exciting.

Apart from China, Huawei expanded the reach of this update to the global market, where these Watch GT devices are available.

Since these updates are more important and add a new touch to the Huawei Watch GT 2, 2e, and Fit wearables, it’s time that we look into them in a slightly detailed manner.


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Changelog of the recent software update:

Huawei Watch GT 2 and GT 2e Changelog:


  • Support downloading new watch faces through the Huawei Health app on the iOS phone
  • Allows to view a variety of new information such as sunrise, sunset, and tides in the weather app
  • Adds the information about the moon phase to the weather app
  • Adds the bad weather warning to the barometer app
  • Allows the cadence (min.) and cadence (RPM) to be displayed in the training app during cross trainer training


  • Optimizes the system stability in certain situations

Huawei Watch Fit Update Changelog:

  • Add moon phase information to the weather application card
  • Optimizes the Sp02 monitoring to improve the accuracy results

Features description:

Free Watch faces:

The iOS users can download the new watch faces on their smartwatch that shows their activity progress, time, notification, and customized features that appear on the main screen.


Outdoor environment info:

With this feature, users are able to know about the sunrise, sunset, tide information on their wrist.

Moon phase info:

Moonphase subdial will provide info on the 8 types of moon phases such as the new moon, full moon, and first-quarter moon.


Altitude Barometer:

Users can keep track of their achievements and distance using the Alti-Barometer app on a Huawei watch. It has internal sensors that measure your altitude and can tell how far you are above sea level and the current atmospheric pressure.

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Huawei Watch GT 2 42mm and 46mm variants receiving new firmware update with bunch of new features and optimizations


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Huawei Watch GT 2e is receiving October 2021 update



Huawei Watch GT 2e October 2021 Update

Huawei has been updating its devices to provide new features and enable software enhancements in the system. Related to this, the Huawei Watch GT 2e is now receiving the October 2021 software update that comes with system stability improvements.

In terms of details, this new firmware update comes with new system optimizations that improve the overall performance and provides you with a better smart wearable performance.

The Huawei Watch GT 2e October 2021 update comes with firmware version upgrading from and However, the changelog doesn’t seem to offer more than the mentioned changes.

The Watch GT 2e follows the same path but has a different approach towards the consumers. It comes with a stylish finishing coupled with sports and a rugged look. This watch is suitable for all scenarios, use cases and provides optimum performance from indoor to outdoor, the Watch GT 2 won’t disappoint its consumers.


Huawei Watch GT 2e October 2021 Update

Important Notes:

  1. For a better user experience, you are advised to update the Huawei Health app to the latest version in the app store first.
  2. Keep Bluetooth connected during the update. If the update fails, try again.
  3. Updating the wearable device may take some time. Please wait for the progress bar on the device to complete. The device will automatically restart after the update is complete.
  4. If you encounter any issues when using the device, please call the Huawei customer service hotline or visit a Huawei customer service center for assistance.


Connect the watch to your phone using the Huawei Health app, open the app, touch Devices, touch the device name, choose Firmware update, then follow the onscreen instructions to update your watch if there is any new updates. If any update is available, it’s recommended to download the firmware and install it as soon as possible. Do note that this update is rolling out gradually, so it may take some time reach every device.

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Huawei FreeBuds 4 wireless charging variant price drop 200 yuan




Huawei FreeBuds 4i

The wireless charging of Huawei FreeBuds 4 true earphones is now opened at a discount price of 200 yuan for a limited time in China. The price is only 799 yuan and you can enjoy 3 interest-free periods when you place an order, the whole point purchases a limited amount of earphone protective cover IP models, and so on.

It’s worth mentioning, that the price of the Huawei FreeBuds 4 wired charging version is still 899 yuan, which one to buy must already know the answer. The FreeBuds 4 uses a semi-open in-ear design, which has good ventilation and brings a comfortable wearing experience.

With Huawei’s self-developed in-ear adaptive noise reduction technology, it can moderately reduce external low-frequency noise. after turning on noise reduction, the adaptive technology can Detect the user’s ear canal and match the most suitable one among multiple sets of noise reduction parameters.

Huawei FreeBuds 4 price discount

Equipped with a 14.3mm wide-range sounding unit, the sound frequency range is up to 40kHz, the treble is transparent and full, and the bass is surging. it supports touch operation to let You don’t need to take out your phone frequently during use.


Huawei FreeBuds 4 supports a smart audio connection, which can transfer the audio from other devices to the headset. When watching movies on the big screen at night, will not disturb the family’s rest. Dual-device connection, audio can be switched in real-time between devices, eliminating the trouble of reconnecting.

The audio connection center of the AI Life APP can manage the connected devices with the headset to realize rapid switching between multiple devices. The Smart Listening service allows users to subscribe to rich audio content, whether it is recommended playlists, fresh information or weather forecasts Flight reminders.

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Huawei Watch Fit New firmware brings New Skipping Rope mode



Huawei Watch Fit New

Last month, Huawei unveiled an enhanced Watch Fit that comes with a new design and improved features for an improved user experience. The first generation Watch Fit was the first smart wearable to come with a squared frame.

The watch has plenty to improve, and H is now sending a new firmware for the Watch Fit that comes adds a new rope skipping mode during exercise and optimizes the system stability in some scenes. It is recommended that you update.

According to the information, the Huawei Watch Fit New firmware update comes with version upgrading from This update also adds new optimizations for the system for improving system performance.

Add a skipping rope mode during exercise, which can monitor the number of skipping ropes. This also includes exercise data such as the number of consecutive jumps, heart rate, and calorie consumption.


Huawei watch Fit New skipping Rope feature

Upgrade notes

  • Please keep the device power greater than 20% before upgrading.
  • Please make sure that the Bluetooth connection is maintained during the upgrade process. If the upgrade fails, please try again.
  • Do not operate the device during the upgrade process.
  • The upgrade process may be long, please wait patiently for the progress bar on the device side to complete, and the device will automatically restart after the system is updated.
  • Before you upgrade by application market will be a “sports and health” application update to the latest version.

Huawei Watch Fit New:

Display and Design:

New Huawei Watch Fit series smartwatches come with a 1.64 inches AMOLED color screen supporting 456 pixels × 280 pixels screen resolution. It has a side button and screen touch support. However, it has two models, the first one with 130–210 mm circumference and another one with 110–190 mm circumference.

Huawei Watch Fit New

Sport Modes and Health Features:

There are more than 97 sports modes available in this watch including rope skipping modes, elliptical machine, running, cycling, swimming, etc. Besides, connecting the watch with Huawei Heath App will let you keep track of your activities. In addition, you can check incoming calls, messages, and notifications in just one glance.

Additional Features:

The watch is compatible with the device on HarmonyOS 2; Android 6.0 and above; iOS 9.0 and above, has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, 5ATM waterproof supports, GPS, and NFC support. Meanwhile, it packs a 180 mAh battery capacity with magnetic charging support.

Huawei Watch Fit New

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