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Chips is a big issue and we’ll allow HiSilicon to climb new heights in chipsets: Huawei founder



Huawei Hisilicon

The US-Sanction was a big blow to Huawei, as it totally smashed its one of the core businesses. The company not only falls from the list of top smartphone makers but is forced to change its bussing line as well. The mobile chip issue is also one of its major concerns parently.

A year ago, no one had thought that this Chines firm will emerge with flying colors in the software market and will bring new innovations such as HarmonyOS. As a matter of a fact, the company wants to continue its HiSilicon chip research and provide the branch all the necessary resources.

In this line, Ren Zhengfei, Huawei founder and CEO talks about his view on HiSilicon, chips, and current strategies. He stated that innovations took time and they will certainly pay off ons’ effort over time. Besides, there is no internal conflict (in regard to abandoning the HiSilicon) instead the company is now more united. He further said

“We allow HiSilicon to continue climbing the Himalayas, but most of our employees will grow potatoes and graze sheep and cattle at the foot of the mountain to provide a steady flow of food to those who are climbing the mountain.”

– Ren said, referring to Huawei’s integrated circuit (IC) design unit


Huawei Recruiting Young Talents:

The company founder knows very well, only the more capable developers can make Huawei cross the current challenges. It’s not like, this China-based firm is lacking talents but it’s in need who are more proficient than the existing ones. Thus, to conquer the hurdles, the company has started to recruit various talents across the globe.

Furthermore, it’s giving a more attractive salary package, that not only pulls the best talents but made them stay. The offered wage is higher than whatever developers will receive in the local market. Besides, the company hasn’t changed its salary and bonus distribution policing for the older employees while facing severe conditions.


Huawei’s Struggle After US Ban:

After the US ban, Huawei’s annual revenue is declined by nearly 30%. The company has loosed its crown in the smartphone market. Furthermore, it was left with no choice but to sell its former brand Honor.

Additionally, its first HarmonyOS equipped phone has launched with 4G accessibility. Moving ahead, its next flagship has to schedule for 2022. Moreover, it’s also struggling with supply stock for the existing products.

Despite all these situations, there is some significant shift in the company. It owns the world’s third-largest app ecosystem only after Google and Apple. Furthermore, it has brought the in-home mobile system software- HarmonyOS 2.0, which has been installed on over 100 million devices.

Alternatively, Huawei has started to fund HiSilicon that will provide mobile chips in the future. Feels like it learns not to rely on others for the core technologies. In other words, the company is making its own empire with domestic technologies to empower itself as well as the country.

(Via- SCMP)

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