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Caviar launched Huawei P50 Pro in Alyonka Chocolate bar design



Caviar Huawei P50 Pro

A famous Russian brand Caviar, which is known for creative design and limited editions of popular gadgets has recently launched Huawei P50 Pro based on chocolate designs. However, the P50 Pro sweet phone collection is looking stunning.

As per the info, Caviar has introduced Huawei P50 Pro in two sweet models including Alyonka Chocolate Bar and White Rabbit Sweets design. To be mentioned, both of these smartphone models are dedicated to two popular sweets from two countries – China and Russia.

The choice behind these chocolate flavors is accidental but we can say the relationship between China and Russia can be strong, productive, and promising. The two world powers are working in close cooperation in the harsh conditions of the economic situation.

Caviar Huawei P50 Pro

Huawei P50 Pro Alyonka Chocolate Bar:

The case of Huawei P50 Pro Alenka is made of a combination of calfskin in rich chocolate color and an imitation of a bar with optical impact titanium with laser engraving. A total of 88 such devices will be produced each year. The price starts from 269, 000 rubles.

Huawei P50 Pro White Rabbit Sweets:

The Huawei P50 Pro White Rabbit is produced to the fullest of 22-carat silver. The dark brown color is applied to the metal, which is an echo of famous sweets’ packaging. This model is fanciful with precious stones: 90 rubies and 168 sapphires are encrusted in a silver base.

The white rabbit, whose branded packaging was made up of Chinese cuisine, is on the back of the device. It starts from 999,000 rubles, and circulation will be 8.


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