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Bye Leica, Huawei brings XMAGE camera imaging brand



Leica Huawei XMAGE

Today, Huawei has officially announced the launch of the XMAGE mobile camera imaging brand and technology after the breakup with Leica. Under this brand, Huawei will launch a number of new image technologies including products related to mobile cameras and to improve the image quality.

He Gang, President of Handset Business, Huawei Consumer Business Group, said the creation and innovation in the past have helped Huawei to usher in the field of mobile camera technologies and matured the company to become a leader. Such technologies will be utilized in the future flaghip as confirmed by the tech maker consumer business chief.

“XMAGE brings a breakthrough for a mobile imaging system,” said Gang.

huawei xmage

Gang further emphasizes that it’s a touch step from Huawei but the Chinese tech giant is ready to forge ahead and will continue to conduct research and development to strengthen the XMAGE imaging system.


According to information, Huawei has released the XMAGE logo and has also planned to launch a technical version of the XMAGE brand logo for smartphones and featured devices that we’ll see on the corresponding products.

Huawei XMAGE

Leica and Huawei:

From Huawei’s perspective, the company has learned a lot and achieved new heights in the field of mobile photography, and the same goes for Leica, as it has been benefiting from the co-researchers made by Huawei.

This powerful partnership began with the launch of the Huawei P9 in 2016. Huawei stayed focused and promised the R&D on the smartphone camera systems and the P10 along with the P20 series are examples that have appeared among consumers to showcase the power of this imaging R&D efforts.

However, continuous steps in the right direction brought us the Huawei P30 Pro, one of the most successful flaghip around the globe. It was the first time that a phone company used periscope long-range zoom, powerful night photography as well as AI-powered images. It was also the first time when a phone manufacturer used an RYYB image sensor that intakes a high rate of light to brighten images as compared to the RGGB color palette.

huawei p30 pro camera

In the following, Huawei has put a lot more effort into the Huawei P40, Mate 40, and P50 series. This subsequent flaghip showed us, how much far Huawei can go in the field of mobile imaging camera technologies.

Huawei P50 Pro

On May 31, 2022, Huawei parted its ways with Leica and announced the end of this partnership which has gained many achievements for both firms. However, partition with Leica has led us to the launch of the Huawei XMAGE brand.

To sum up, the partnership with Leica and the breakup doesn’t affect much to Huawei because the innovation and development made by the firm have been used to the birth of the XMAGE imaging system and helped the company to stand up on its own.

Continues Efforts:

Throughout the past years, Huawei has pushed forward and broken the rules of mobile cameras. From macro to super zoomed telephoto, ultra-wide, free form lense for anti-distortion, hybrid, powerful night mode, to powerful TOF sensor that could provide you life like the bokeh in portrait shots.

huawei zoom

Don’t forget the AI power of the Huawei flagship chipset that made it enables to clear or process images with fast speed. With each generation of the past flagship, Huawei has pushed these lines further and made its own rules in the mobile camera industry – single, dual, triple, quad, and Penta, you name it, you’ll get what the phone packed with immense power to shoot any picture or landscape.

huawei p40 pro+ penta camera

That’s not it, the company has not only focused on hardware utilization but also on the imaging system, which has aimed to take much closer to the human eye. Matching the color and shapes, hues, contrast, black and white, shades, light, space, still frames, slo-mo, and more. The better they say, Huawei has delivered all, that’s how the company has ruled in the smartphone camera world.

huawei ultra vision camera

Now that Huawei has launched its own image logo, in the future, Huawei will also have a technical iteration dedicated to this logo, just like Leica’s filters.

When we could see?

Huawei has confirmed that the next generation of the flagship will come with XMAGE camera technologies and we could look forward to Huawei Mate 50 series featuring such technologies.

Learn more about Huawei Mate 50 series here (link).

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