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Android 13 Roadmap: Beta/Stable Launch Date



Android 13 Release Date

Update: Stable Android 13 to launch in September

Google fans are eagerly looking forward to tasting a new experience with Android 13. But seems like the consumers have to wait till September. That gets clear on the official page of Google that reads the release notes and details of the upcoming version of Android.

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Android 13 is about to launch: Google

Today, Google has officially confirmed that Android 13 is about to launch. The announcement came via the official developer blog simultaneously rolling out Android 13 beta, the final beta OTA ahead of the stable release. Read More

Android 13 beta 3 has started rolling out, and soon Google will confirm the release date of the respective software with a stable version. However, new features with the beta updates are alluring the users to experience stable and complete firmware.

Up to this point, Google has served two developer previews and four beta updates of Android 13. A few days back, the US manufacturer pushed off the third beta of Android 13, intended for Pixel users. After the accomplishment of a stable beta, the company will surely roll it out to other consumers.

Yet more of the beta updates, the users are looking forward to the main software release. Hence, here we are displaying the roadmap that hints at the schedule of Android 13.

Android 13 Release Date

Android 13 RoadMap: Beta/Stable Release Date

In comparison to Android 12, the Android 13 rollout exhibits a shorter timeline. The company has already thrown out the third round of the update among the users. Although, users might get one more beta update before the final release.

Furthermore, the next beta update could launch in the month of July. But who knows, we may get some more tweak update points in between.

Android 13 Release Date

To summarize, we can say that, the Android 13 operating system could take place in August 2022 among the users. Till then, users can enjoy the third beta of the forthcoming version of Android.

Users can install the latest beta update. But since it is a beta pack, it doesn’t promise complete stability of the software. Hence, install the software at your own risk.

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