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EMUI 12 large folders feature is way ahead of Android 13



EMUI 12 large folders android

Large folders is an amazing feature that allows you to organize apps on Huawei phones effectively. Today, you’ll see features such as Large folders, and how EMUI 12 proves itself way ahead of Android on a specific note.

The large folders feature from EMUI 12 not only works as a traditional app group but also as an organizer that allows you to tap and launch an app with just a tap on that folder. Isn’t that cool enough?

Still, Android doesn’t have such folder access to manage apps on the home screen. So what do we have here in stock or other Android adaptations? Well, you can group apps, in a folder, that could be accessed once you tap the folder itself first.

Now you can launch an app, that’s, how it’s done in the Android world, even Android 13 has the same old-age functionalities. Although the global version of EMUI is still derived from Android, Huawei has made some advanced features that keep EMUI above its base Android version.

Large folders:

Now come to the real advantage of EMUI 12 large folders features over other versions of Android or Android 13.

The large folders feature is designed to bring easy to navigate home screen by categorizing apps, which is a working route of a traditional Android app folder. However, as its name says, the feature allows you to change the display mode of this folder to a large size, so it will show you an app group without resizing the icons.

emui 12 large folders

More interestingly, you can launch any app from this collection without even requiring you to open the folder first.

By making it handier, Huawei has made this feature an extension to the existing app folder feature. What does this really mean? Well, you just need to tap and hold any app folder and select “Enlarge” to enlarge the folder, reiterate the steps to “Shrink” it.

On Android?

On Android 13, when you tap and hold an app folder, you will be destined to either reposition on the home screen or delete the folder itself.

android 13 app folders

EMUI 12 is ahead?

Sure it is a very useful feature, especially, when it comes to keeping your home screen clean and tidy. With this, EMUI 12 large folders show Android 13 a mirror of advancement on its own, even based on an outdated Android version.

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