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EMUI 12 large folders feature is way ahead of Android 13



EMUI 12 large folders android

Large folders is an amazing feature that allows you to organize apps on Huawei phones effectively. Today, you’ll see features such as Large folders, and how EMUI 12 proves itself way ahead of Android on a specific note.

The large folders feature from EMUI 12 not only works as a traditional app group but also as an organizer that allows you to tap and launch an app with just a tap on that folder. Isn’t that cool enough?

Still, Android doesn’t have such folder access to manage apps on the home screen. So what do we have here in stock or other Android adaptations? Well, you can group apps, in a folder, that could be accessed once you tap the folder itself first.

Now you can launch an app, that’s, how it’s done in the Android world, even Android 13 has the same old-age functionalities. Although the global version of EMUI is still derived from Android, Huawei has made some advanced features that keep EMUI above its base Android version.


Large folders:

Now come to the real advantage of EMUI 12 large folders features over other versions of Android or Android 13.

The large folders feature is designed to bring easy to navigate home screen by categorizing apps, which is a working route of a traditional Android app folder. However, as its name says, the feature allows you to change the display mode of this folder to a large size, so it will show you an app group without resizing the icons.

emui 12 large folders

More interestingly, you can launch any app from this collection without even requiring you to open the folder first.


By making it handier, Huawei has made this feature an extension to the existing app folder feature. What does this really mean? Well, you just need to tap and hold any app folder and select “Enlarge” to enlarge the folder, reiterate the steps to “Shrink” it.

On Android?

On Android 13, when you tap and hold an app folder, you will be destined to either reposition on the home screen or delete the folder itself.

android 13 app folders

EMUI 12 is ahead?


Sure it is a very useful feature, especially, when it comes to keeping your home screen clean and tidy. With this, EMUI 12 large folders show Android 13 a mirror of advancement on its own, even based on an outdated Android version.

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WhatsApp Android to bring new privacy features for ‘View Once’ images and videos



WhatsApp announced that it’ll be rolling out new privacy features giving users more control over the kinds of information other people can see. Yes! WhatsApp for Android is bringing new privacy features for ‘View Once’ images and videos.

As you know, View Once photos and videos are media files that can only be viewed once by the recipient and are a great way to share information that you only wish to share for the time being.

However, sometimes it may concern you about who is taking the screenshot or screen record. But now, the upcoming update will bring the screenshot/screen recording detection feature. And the sender will get a notification when this happens.

According to WABetaInfo, the new update is appearing with version number Notably, the new enhancements are limited to some beta testers only. Although, other WhatsApp users have to wait for some time to grasp the update as it is in the testing procedure at present.


Previously, any users who see your view once images and videos can screen record or take a screenshot of that image. But it seems like the online chit-chatting platform is working on the screenshot blocking for view once images and videos.

What’s New:

As you can see in the below image the user could not take a screenshot to view one image. Even so, if somebody tries to break the privacy policy then the toast will pop up that shows the user ‘can’t take screenshots due to security policies.

WhatsApp Screenshot Blocking feature screenshot

Even then other people try to use some third-party applications to screengrab your images then the images will turn to black so as to prevent these creepy people to take screenshots.

The inbuilt detection feature is already available in some other apps. The new privacy features for Android users of Whatsapp are still in their early phases. Maybe the company will bring some more improvements with the stable rollout.


Although, the beta testers can install the upgrade from the Google Play Store and take advantage of the new enhancements before the stable version.

(Source – WABetainfo)

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Google is rolling out Android 13 October 2022 security update



Android 13 October 2022 update

With the onset of a new month, Google has started rolling out the Android 13 October 2022 security update. As the name reflects, this update carries a bunch of fixes and improvements related to the security aspect of a smart device.

Every tech maker polishes their devices and other products with new patches and firmware so that they may work efficiently for consumers. And so is the thought process of Google. The company takes immense care of its users and products.

Hence, every month, the US manufacturer keeps its bank ready with reflective updates for Android devices so that they can get more suitable core effectiveness. Currently, we have a new improvement patch between us with better fixes and stability.

Though Android 13 is the freshly-released interface of the company. Yet, Google makes sure that it does not bring any trouble to consumers. Thus, it has brought some latest touch-ups for the system in the form of a protection patch.


Speaking of the Android 13 October 2022 security update, the official bulletin page marks a total of 15 vulnerabilities in the framework and system section. Whereas, there are 33 fixes in the kernel and vendor section. The company has categorized these vulnerabilities in terms of their severity affection, from critical to low-level.

You can have a detailed look at these vulnerabilities, below.

Android 13 October 2022 update


  • Critical – CVE-2022-20419
  • High – CVE-2022-20420, CVE-2022-20351, CVE-2021-39758
  • Moderate – CVE-2021-39758, CVE-2022-20415

Media Framework

  • High – CVE-2022-20413, CVE-2022-20418


  • High – CVE-2022-20412, CVE-2022-20416, CVE-2022-20417, CVE-2021-39673, CVE-2022-20394, CVE-2022-20410, CVE-2022-20425


  • High – CVE-2022-20421, CVE-2022-20422, CVE-2022-20423, CVE-2022-20424
  • Moderate – CVE-2022-20409

Apart from these vulnerabilities, the company has also fixed the third-party components. For instance, there are 3 high-level fixes in Imagination Technologies, 2 high-level fixes in MediaTek components, 11 high-level fixes in UNISOC components, and 12 critical and high-level fixes of Qualcomm components.

As of now, the company is pushing off the October 2022 security update to the Pixel series (Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6) with build version TP1A.221005.002. Meanwhile, Pixel 6a users will attain the update as TP1A.221005.003 build.

After, the Pixel series, the company will gradually roll out the update to other devices. So get ready to give a new and stable system to your smartphone with the latest October 2022 security update.



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Android 13 themed icons looks good



Android 13 themed icon

Android 13 is a gift for the users and its feature provides you with a layer of the surprise element. However, the themed icons are one of the biggest blockbusters of the year 2022 for Android users. As the feature so makes the first impression dramatic and bold.

The themed icons of Android 13 have so many elements in terms of different shapes, Visual effects, user theming, design adaptive icons, and more. Let’s brief on how it makes your device interface attractive.

  • Different shapes: It can show a squircle on one OEM phone while displaying a circle on another. In order for the system to generate all adaptive icons with the same shape, each device OEM is required to supply a mask.
  • Visual effects: A variety of exciting visual effects are displayed when users position or move an adaptable icon around the front display.
  • Users theming: The system uses the user’s selected wallpaper and theme to determine the tint color if the user has enabled themed app icons and the launcher supports this functionality.

Android 13 themed icon

Android 13 Themed icon:

Themed app icons are a choice beginning with Android 13. This feature tints app icons in the supported Android launchers to take on the color scheme of the user’s selected wallpaper and other themes.

Your app must supply both an adaptable icon and a monochromatic app icon in order to enable this functionality, and it must also point to the monochromatic app icon from the element in the description.


If you have enabled themed app icons and the launcher supports this feature, the system determines the tint color for the monochromatic app icon by comparing it to the color of the user’s selected wallpaper and theme.

In any of the below-mentioned circumstances, the themed app icon does not appear on the home screen, instead, the adaptive or regular app icon is displayed:
the user has enabled themed app icons, if your application doesn’t offer a single-color icon and launcher must allow themed app icons.

However, a themed icon improves the overall experience of your device the feature with tinted app icons supported launchers to inherit the coloring of users’ chosen wallpaper and other themes.

Just try this feature if you haven’t yet. And don’t forget to share your theme icons experience on your Android phone.


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