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Google Android 13 to launch in September



Google Android 13 September

Google fans are eagerly waiting to grab the very first look at the Android 13 but, seems like the consumers have to wait till September. That gets clear on the official page of Google that reads the release notes and details of the next version of Android.

Alongside publishing the August 2022 Android security patch, the US manufacturer has also posted the Android 13 release notes that hint at the September launch. Consequently, these notes signify that Google is preparing something big with the next Android build and will bring various eye-catching features on the board.

Elaborating on some crucial details of Android 13, the company mentions that the stable variant of the respective operating system will bring the fresh September 2022 security patch into its bag. This clearly indicates the intentions of Google, giving a halt to the release of the new Android version, this month.

At the same time, we can also assume that the forthcoming security patch will be full of significant changes and new additions, as it will bring the major operating system with itself.

So far, the US tech maker has already pushed the fourth beta of Android 13 to its consumers. With the push, the company has also stated that this would be the last beta pack before the release of the major software update in August. However, things have stretched a little more in time and will take a full stop in the upcoming month.

Google Android 13 September

Have you installed the August 2022 security patch?

With the onset of this month, Google has released the August 2022 security patch. Eventually, the improvement patch carries multiple fixes to the internal system and enhances the stability of the devices.

Apart from the fixes, the patch also repairs the critical Bluetooth issue that could have appeared as a huge headache for the users. Hence, to enjoy a reliable and bug-free system, install the August 2022 security patch as soon as it knocks on your device.


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