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Android 13 Beta 3 installs large grid size for Pixel launcher



Android 13 Beta 3 Pixel Launcher grid

Google Pixel Launcher gains a larger grid size and a packet of new tugs with the Android 13 Beta 3 update. This new addition enables the users to adjust and customize the grid size for their smartphone’s home screen and icons.

The Beta 3 pack of Android 13 brings new ranges for the grid of the Pixel Launcher. These alternatives have the 2 x 2, as well as 5 x 5 measures for the Pixel 6 Pro smartphone user. Besides, these grid sizes are also applicable for large screen gadgets.

6 x 5: New way to look on your screen

Though there is enough time for the release of an Android-oriented tablet in the Pixel family. Yet, considering the display point on the huge screen, Android also offers the 6 x 5 grid size, which is a larger option for the Pixel Launcher.

If we use the 5 x 5 measurement on handsets, it will give an opaque look to the screen. Meanwhile, it will exhibit a scattered look on the tablets. Therefore, the Android 13 third beta appeared with new variants that will showcase a six-column and five rows layout on the screen.

Android 13 Beta 3 Pixel Launcher grid

Another interesting point lies here is that the 6 x 5 grid only gets enabled when the user is operating a huge screen device. Further, users can also modify the smallest width option to 600 dpi in Android Developer.

Additional Tweaks

While holding the device in a landscape manner, the Google search bar will appear on the left side of the pinned applications in the hot seat. Further, individuals will also grab the At a Glance field in the upper-left corner of the initial page. With an area of 3 x 1, the field gives space to the icons and widgets on the same screen.

So far, the Home Settings will not show the “Allow Home Screen rotation” option. Moreover, instead of a Search your phone, there will be an Search your tablet option.


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