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Xiaomi wants to cross new Huawei patent



Xiaomi cross another Huawei patent

Earlier in March, Huawei sued Xiaomi for violating its patent rights, and then Xiaomi moved on to invalidate two of its patents and now, it is now looking to cross more.

According to the information, the Chinese Intellectual Property Office has issued a notice that Xiaomi has requested to invalidate Huawei’s patent ZL201810188201.7 in a live hearing on July 21st.

Here’s the patent description (translated).

The embodiment of the present invention discloses a method for locking the screen, which includes: receiving an instruction from the user to light up the screen of the mobile terminal, and lighting up the screen of the mobile terminal; in the state of locking the screen, calling the first picture replaces the preset lock screen background, wherein the first picture is downloaded or photographed by the user, or pushed to the mobile terminal by the server according to the user’s preference.

The embodiment of the invention also discloses a mobile terminal. With the present invention, the automatic switching of the lock screen background can be realized in the lock screen state, and the user can see the new lock screen background as long as the screen is turned on, thereby improving the variability and switching efficiency of the lock screen background, and improving the user’s awareness of the lock screen background. The freshness of the lock screen.

Xiaomi cross another Huawei patent


This patent is part of the lawsuit that Huawei has filed against Xiaomi for violating its rights of trademarked technologies. These patents are:

  • ZL201110269715.3 – “Feature and device for sending control signaling”
  • ZL201010137731.2 – “Feature for Feedback of ACK/NACK Information During Carrier Aggregation, Base Station and User Equipment”
  • ZL201380073251.6 -“Feature and device for obtaining panoramic images”
  • ZL201810188201.7 – “Feature for locking the screen and smartphones”.

Xiaomi previously also filed an invalidation for a Huawei patent with application number ZL201380073251.6. This patent is titled “A feature and device for taking panoramic images”. The feature helps smartphone users to take panoramic photographs.

There’s more information that is yet to unfold about this matter after Xiaomi filed to cross another Huawei patent included in the lawsuit. We’ll keep you posted.


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