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Huawei sues Xiaomi for illegal patent use of 4G, camera technologies [Updated]



Huawei Xiaomi

Recently, Huawei sued Xiaomi for illegal patent use and the Chinese Intellectual Property Office has accepted the case. This is a major development, as Huawei is already on alert to bust unallowed patent use across the industry.

The latest revelation comes via an official announcement made by China’s administrative judgments from the intellectual property office. On January 17, 2023, the Chinese State Intellectual Property office accepted the case filed by Huawei against Xiaomi for infringing its four patents. The four patents are:

  • Method and device for sending control signaling
  • Method for feeding back ACK/NACK information during carrier aggregation, base station, and user equipment
  • Method and devices for obtaining panoramic images
  • A lock screen method and mobile devices

Huawei Xiaomi illegal patent

It is mentioned that the case filed by Huawei against Xiaomi is on the basis of illegal use of patent for 4G/LTE technology, which are standard essential patents (SEP). The next pair of cases involves smartphone camera and device unlock technologies, which are non-SEP patents.

Huawei Xiaomi illegal patent

Last year, Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO and Executive Director, Yu Chengdong said that some companies are continuously copying Huawei in both design and features. He added that these firms are using Huawei’s patents and don’t want to pay. An even more frightening part of the story is that they later claimed these as their patents.

This is quite unfortunate for the smartphone industry and the tech maker has full right to preserve the integrity. Also to secure the hard work and dedication of its research and development. As for now, the new patent dispute between Huawei and Xiaomi is added to the queue in the Chinese patent dispute office and we’re yet to know more on this matter.

Also, there aren’t any official comment came from any of the firms at the moment.

Update: March 1, 2023:

Xiaomi has responded to this matter, saying that both parties are on the negotiation table for patent licensing. China’s IP protection system has a variety of resolutions for such patent disputes. The phone maker said that Huawei and Xiaomi believe intellectual property licensing and cooperation are conducive to promoting innovation and public interest. Xiaomi concluded that negotiation is underway to reach an agreement on this issue.

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