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Will HarmonyOS update rollout be affected by Hongmeng OS trademark rejection? Check full information



Huawei HarmonyOS is currently under public developer beta testing in the mainland, which also known as Hongemeng OS in the Chinese market. But, the story behind the name Hongmeng OS does not end here.

On Wednesday, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court discarded the petition filed against CNIPA for rejecting its trademark application for Hongmeng OS, the Chinese name for Huawei’s operating system known globally as HarmonyOS.

The main reason behind the rejection of the Hongmeng trademark found is that it can cause confusion between the consumers because two other Chinese firms that already trademarked for this name earlier in 2010.

But the petition was declined because the evidence and importance presented by Huawei failed to prove the uniqueness between Huawei and Hongmeng OS and also they were insufficient.

Is the rejection trademark Hongemeng OS, will affect HarmonyOS?

So, the answer here is NO.., because HarmonyOS is much popular and well known name of Huawei’s owned operating system while the Hongmeng OS is famous among Chinese consumers.

However, HarmonyOS is global name of Hongmeng OS and also passed many certifcations and trademarks by authorities across the world. So, HarmonyOS will not be affected by anything in terms of trademark compared to its Chinese version.

To be mentioned, Huawei is also marketing HarmonyOS in China, as well as the software builds contain the same HarmonyOS label instead of Hongmeng OS. Except for saying Hongmeng OS verbally, Huawei is using HarmonyOS label everywhere on all platforms.

Moroever, Huawei has recently launched the official Weibo page for posting news and informations related to Hongmeng OS was also named Huawei HarmonyOS instead of Huawei Hongmeng OS.

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