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Huawei Hongmeng trademark got rejected, Really? Check the full story and what’s next



Huawei’s own operating system, HarmonyOS is new hope for the entire Huawei ecosystem, as we’ve mentioned before, this software is also known as Hongmeng OS among Chinese consumers. And now, there’s an interesting story that just started and you should know about it.

On May 12, the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office and other first-instance administrative judgment were published regarding Huawei Technologies case number 10187, was filed in 2020. The trial court was Beijing Intellectual Property, which has rejected Huawei’s litigation request.

What’s this about?

The judgment shows that it’s related to the “Hongmeng” keyword trademark, which is a plain text trademark with application no. 38307327, filed by Huawei technologies in May 2019. On the other hand, the first quote trademark has both graphics and words combination as “CRM Hongmeng and TU”.

In clarity, the Chinese part of the first trademark, which is “Hongmeng” and Huawei’s own trademark “Hongmeng”, has the same keyword.

Therefore, the judges decided that the disputed trademark and the cited trademarks are used disputedly used in the same or similar services. As a result, the court rejected Huawei’s plea for the plaintiff’s claim of Huawei Technologies, which is sad news.

What Huawei can do?

The Chinese tech giant can refile its plea in the court and better try to explain the IPO in Beijing to resolve this entire confusion.

Will it affect HarmonyOS?

Nope, definitely not, Huawei has marketed Hongmeng OS mostly as HarmonyOS and it’s best known for this name and not for the Hongmeng OS. Also, in technical terms, the HarmonyOS has been already cleared in certification as well as trademark process by different authorities around the world. So, there’s no such problem with HarmonyOS as mentioned above.

Huawei HarmonyOS

Hongmeng OS (HarmonyOS):

Hongmeng OS is Huawei’s own micro-kernel-based operating system with cross-device capabilities and first introduced at Huawei Developer Conference in 2019.

At HDC 2020, Huawei added new platform support to increase Hongmeng OS presence in other devices including smartphones, tablets, smart wearables, IoT devices, and third-party smartphone manufacturer’s products.

Previously, Huawei denied that Hongmeng OS is not a copy of Android nor iOS. While revealing information, the company suggested that Hongmeng OS was in development for the last 5 years.

At present, Hongmeng OS 2.0 features are testing through the public developer beta program and already processed under the developer open beta phase 2. Soon, Hongmeng OS will make its way to more smartphone user under general availability.

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