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82% Huawei smartphones running EMUI 9.0/9.1 and 15% on EMUI 8.0/8.1



In recent time, Huawei is doing a fantastic job by providing the latest software update to its smartphones. The software updates are very important these days. We must have the most up-to-date security updates on our smartphones.

Since Q3 2018 (via Counterpoints), 82% of Huawei phones have been updated to EMUI 9.0 and EMUI 9.1, based on Android Pie, and 15% to EMUI 8.0 and EMUI 8.1.

Source: Counterpoint Research White Paper: “Software and Security Updates: The Missing Link for Smartphones”

Commenting on the performance of smartphone brands, Associate Director, Tarun Pathak, highlighted, “Among the top 10 smartphone makers, nearly 96% of Nokia smartphones, sold cumulatively since Q3 2018, is already running on Android Pie or have had an Android Pie update issued to them. Samsung closely follows Nokia with 89% and Xiaomi with 84%. Xiaomi is good at ensuring its mid-price range products launch with the latest version of Android.”

Pathak further added, “There are a lot of factors that play a role in issuing software updates. But some brands put much more effort into reducing the time lag from the release of the latest Android version to issuing the update to all their smartphones. Only a few brands commit to making sure their smartphones are always running the latest version. Nokia was the fastest brand in issuing the latest software updates covering 94% of its portfolio within a year of the launch of the latest Android version.”

Source: Counterpoint Research White Paper: “Software and Security Updates: The Missing Link for Smartphones”

The reasons other brands behind Nokia – the other brands have a larger portfolio of devices. Another factor is that these brands focus more on supporting flagship models.

Unluckily, LG is sitting back at 8th place with 16% of its phones running Android Pie.

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