UAE telecoms du says U.S. restrictions on Huawei is not an issue for 5G

Huawei has already partnered with UAE’s telecoms to launch 5G network in the country, and one of the telecoms says the restrictions on Huawei imposed by the US will not impact its 5G network.

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Back in May, U.S. banned Huawei from getting technology supplies from the American firms citing Huawei as a national security threat, which the company has repeatedly denied.

Du’s chief executive, Osman Sultan, said it had discussed the matter with Huawei and it did not see “any issue”, reported Reuters.

“We do not have a concern for the network deployment, for the use of Huawei equipment within the network,” Sultan told reporters on an earnings conference call.

Apart from Huawei, Du is also using Nokia’s 5G gear and aims to build up to 800 active 5G mobile infrastructure sites by the end of the year.

“There are regular tests done, not only by us but as well by the authorities … and we never had any instruction or directive to stop the use of any of the Huawei equipment,” Sultan said.

UAE’s state-controlled telecoms Etisalat also launched its 5G network using Huawei 5G technology combined with Ericson’s gear and also launched Mate 20 X 5G phone on its network.






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