U.S. creating pressure on India over Huawei, could face consequences if supplies any US technology

Huawei Brand

The US government is trying every possible way to block Huawei around the globe, following this the US has warned India that companies found supplying equipment or other products to Huawei will have to face serious consequences.

Huawei accounts half of China’s 5G network contracts

The US government has warned that Indian firms that found supplying US-origin software and equipment to Huawei will have to face serious actions, this move is taken as an intensified approach to put pressure on India to act against the Chinese telecom giant, reported ET.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is currently examining the whole scenario with the different departments in the country on the implications of US restriction on Huawei, told a person related to the matter.

Previous reports showed us that Huawei India is asking for a transparent decision on its 5G trials in the country. To get a view on this matter the government has also formed an inter-ministerial committee on 5G network security aspects but yet to found a resolution.

The U.S. is continuesly pursuing its allies countries to bar Huawei from deploying the 5G network, citing that it can be used for Espionage and also that the company is under control of Chinese law, which Huawei has repeatedly denied and said its equipments are safe to use.






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