Huawei accounts half of China’s 5G network contracts

Huawei, the world’s largest network equipment maker, is now the largest 5G contract holder in the home ground to supply the telecoms with the 5G tech.

Huawei expects to exceed 10 billion yuan in 5G R&D this year

Huawei will provide 49% of the MME/SGSN equipment and 54% of the SAE-GW/GGSN equipment – two types of core network equipment needed for the operation of 5G networks – to China Mobile, according to the results of a tender posted on the telecom operator’s website, reported SCMP.

Sweden’s Ericsson and Finland’s Nokia bagged 34% and 12% of equipment orders. ZTE Corp, Huawei’s country rival was awarded 5% of the MME and 3% of the SAE 5G equipment orders.

In the comparison of other countries, that are blocking Huawei China telecom ministry has opened gates for foreign telecom provider and Huawei said it would continue to work with both domestic and international suppliers without any issues.

“We have set up a fair and transparent procurement policy and potential vendors have to go through a rigorous tender process,” said China Mobile.

“We have considered factors such as price, product quality and customer service in arriving at the final decision. Huawei is one of our major long-term suppliers and over the years it has consistently provided us with exceptional products and services,” it added.

On June 6, the Chinese telecom ministry granted commercial 5G licenses to the country’s three telecoms. The 5G licenses came after the US government put Huawei on a trade blacklist, and barred from the doing business with the US firms.

“Huawei is fully prepared” for the roll-out of commercial 5G networks in China, the company said in a statement after China granted the 5G licenses.

Huawei also announced that it has won 46 commercial 5G contracts globally, and has launched a series of cross-industry collaborations based on network slicing and MEC in smart grid, VR/AR, IoV, remote surgery, smart manufacturing, and other fields, announced Huawei.






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