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Still more time in debut of Battlegrounds Mobile India for iOS: Kronten



Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 Tournament has been started to submit registration for the eligible players. We expected that the iOS players can also take part in this series but Krafton didn’t make any declaration yet and left the players with disappointment.

Since the rising PUBG start- Kronten informs the approaching arrival of BGMI for iOS during his live stream, Apple device holders were really excited to experience this battle game. However, it won’t last long as the player took his words back.

As per the recent news, Kronten informed that BGMI for iOS will take more time to debut on Apple App Store on his official YouTube channel forum. He said we have to wait for a few more days to experience BGMI on iOS devices.

Prior to this, Mortal question the launch of BGMI iOS as no one is able to provide any specific time or period BGMI iOS official debut, which surely needs a satisfying answer.

Previous News:

Last week, Chetan Kronten hinted about the BGMI iOS released several times during his live stream saying that iOS users will be able to experience this game in just one or two days. (Read Here)

A day after the other players including Mortal and Aman Jain who don’t agree with this remark, stated that BGMI iOS won’t come fast until Krafton isn’t performed any miracle. The company also hasn’t made any announcement so far that can mark any deadline for the players who are intensely waiting for the BGMI iOS release.

(Via- InsideSport)

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