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Battlegrounds Mobile India for iOS users isn’t launching soon, suggests a tip



Since the release of the 1.5 PUBG Mobile update, the arrival of Battlegrounds Mobile India for iOS is the talk of the whole internet. Apple smartphone owners are eagerly waiting for the company to announce the good news of BGMI on its iOS debut.

In this line, the rising PUBG player Kronten has also hinted about the approaching launch of BGMI for iOS during his live stream. As this news came, the iOS users and their excitement is reaching the next level. However, the recent news from the other stars of this field has crumbles their expectations.

Yesterday on 18th July, Naman Mathur- batter known by his gaming name Mortal spoke about the BGMI launch on the App Store and said there is still more time left in the debut of BGMI iOS.

As of now, it’s unlikely that BGMI is coming anytime soon on iOS. I had a chat with them (Krafton) and they weren’t able to provide much. Krafton said there’s still some time left before they can come up with something solid. And for those who are facing grind issues

shared Mortal before he got interrupted

Certainly, it’s true that no official or related person isn’t able to provide any specific date or duration for this big event. Considering this case, it seems difficult for iOS users to take part in the BGMI 2021 tournament which is around the corner.

Besides, Aman Jain AKA Soul Aman also said that BGMI iOS will still take one or two months to come for Apple App Store. Until the company itself won’t make any announcement, it’s a waste of breath to ask about it. Aman is an Indian PUBG Mobile player, member of team SouL with numerous achievements, and 8bit Creatives content creator.

Battlegrounds India Series 2021 Tournament

Besides, the registration for Battlegrounds India Series 2021 tournament has opened from 19th July and will be valid up to 1st August. The desired team, which has achieved the Platinum stage can register there.

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