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New Royale Pass, Ranked Season system and more info on Battlegrounds Mobile India



Recently, the PUBG developer Krafton officially revealed the information about the new Royale Pass details and the Ranked Season System of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

The company informed that henceforth the BGMI ranking system will be called a Cycle with a three-month duration. Moreover, the company will bring three Royale Pass Seasons for gamers in a Cycle, which will be named S1, S2, and S3.

The C1S1 (Cycle 1 Season 1) has been started and will be continued till August with a new raking system. The gamers will have the opportunity to collect exclusive rewards by completing certain tasks in each season.

What’s New In C1S1:

  1. The Royale Pass duration has been reduced to 1 month and each version has two RP.
  2. A new price list has been introduced for regular RP and elite RP
  3. The first-time purchasers can get an Unknown Currency voucher
  4. The maximum achievable rank has been changed to 50
  5. Freer rewards will be given to the players when accumulating RP Ranks
  6. The high-rank voucher valued at 60 UC for the next season will be granted
  7. From now on, the mission timeline shortens to 4 weeks
  8. At the end of the season, gamers will get the RP Points
  9. New RP Months section has been added
  10. There will be a new price for EZ Mission License

The Royale Pass Timeline & Details:

  • Royale Pass M1 or C1S1: This is known as Tak Era, which has been started on 14th July 2021 and will end on 12th August at 23:59 UTC.
  • Royale Pass M2 or C1S2: This will be known as Project T, which will start on 13th August and will last long up to 13th September 23:59 UTC.

Price Details:

  • Regular Royale Pass: 360UC or Unknown Currency
  • Elite Royale Pass:  960UC or Unknown Currency
  • First-time BGMI Purchase Discount: 60-360UC or Unknown Currency

UC or Unknown Currency:

UC or Unknown Cash is a BGMI in-game currency for players to purchase items in the game. The UC can be brought using real money. Moreover, with UC the players can buy packages, outfits, characters, skins, pets, battle passes, and more.

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