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Registration opens for Battleground Mobile India Series 2021 tournament



Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021

The registration for the biggest battle royale – Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 Tournament has been opened for the players. The desired players with the platinum game stage can register themselves until 1st August.

Krafton, the inventor of PUBG has also announced a total of INR 10 Million prize for the squads. Among them, the top 16 squads will be granted over 9.5 Million prize money while the additional awards will be given to the player for impressive performance covering MPV, long-range shoot, and others.

Krafton is giving a chance to the BGMI players to show their battle skills along with their team coordination. A total of 1024 teams will be selected after the first round and 16 teams will be qualified for the grand finale battle.

The match will take place on 2nd August and will ends on 10th October with an ultimate winning team for the BGMI 2021 tournament for the whole year. The timeline for this mega-series is mentioned below.

Tournament Mechanism:

2 Aug – 8 August: In-Game Qualifiers, 1024 Teams will be qualify

17 Aug – 12 September: Online Qualifiers, 64 Teams will be qualified

16 Sept – 26 September: Quarter Finals, 24 Teams will be qualified

30 Sept – 3 October: Semi-Finals, 16 Teams will be qualified

7 Oct – 10 October: Grand Finals, 1 Champion will be announced

The players only need to submit the basic details such as team name, team owner, caption, player details, and contact information without any game charges for registrations.

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