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Rising Auto R7 2024 version SUV launching in November with Huawei AR-HUD system



Rising Auto R7

Rising Auto announced today that the 2024 version of its R7 mid-size SUV will launch in November with the Huawei AR-HUD system. Rising Auto AKA Feifan is a fully electric brand of China’s SAIC.

The appearance of the new model is basically the same as that of the existing model, but the 2024 R7 will be equipped with the new RISING OS. The company said that this software will use AI and bring new features.

The new R7 is using a closed-air intake grille, integrated headlights, and through-type light strips to highlight the new energy attributes. These are identical to the 2023 model.

The side of the car body is also very linear, using a hidden door handle design, and the wind resistance performance is 0.238Cd. The overall body adopts a sporty fastback design with rich layers.

Rising Auto R7

Image Source – RISING

The length, width, and height of the 2024 Rising AUTO R7 follows 4900mm x 1925mm x 1655mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2950mm.

The new car is also equipped with electric suction doors, 360-degree panoramic images, 256-color linear atmosphere lights, 1.855 square meters of integrated dome-style glass, streaming media interior rearview mirror, full-function SPA seats, and other configurations.

Moreover, the 2024 RISING AUTO R7 brings a vision-enhanced AR-HUD head-up system from Huawei. The new car adopts a visual interaction solution of AR-HUD + 43-inch triple screen to perfectly integrate AR-HUD with smart cabin and smart driving information.

For now, Rising Auto has not revealed the price of the car but the current gen model range starts from 279,900 to 389,900 yuan.

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