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Huawei refutes rumor of taking over AITO sales system



Huawei AITO

  • Huawei refuted the rumor of taking over the AITO sales system.
  • Huawei said the rumor is false.

Recently, a new took over the Chinese Internet that Huawei will fully take over the sales department of AITO, and all sales staff of its car will join Huawei’s wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Huitong Business Co., Ltd. and become Huawei’s non-staff employees.

In this regard, AITO said that this rumor of Huawei taking over its sales system is not true.

The car company said that new AITO cars are being highly recognized by the customers. In order to provide consumers with better sales and service, AITO will work with Huawei to create more direct sales stores.

AITO is a collaborative car brand created by Huawei and China’s SERES. The company has now launched a number of models under this brand. Under this collaboration, Huawei provides smart car solutions such as autonomous technologies and cockpit systems. It also promotes the cars through its vast sales channels across the country.


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