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OpenHarmony 4.0 Beta 2 released with multi-platform development framework ArkUI-X




OpenAtom Foundation has released a new OpenHarmony 4.0 Beta 2 version for the developers, which brings new system improvements.

According to the changelog, ArkUI further enhances basic component capabilities, the application framework supports ArkTS card proxy refresh and application packages support applications.

Support atomized service data sharing, support enterprise application installation management, and distributed soft bus supports session level Distributed data management UDMF (Unified Data Management Framework) supports temporary authorization of files in distributed directories under cross-device drag-and-drop scenarios.

File management supports synchronization of public image files between the device and the cloud, and media further enhances audio/Media player/Audio and video encoding and decoding capabilities, graphics rendering library upgraded to the new version of Skia 0310, window control capabilities continue to be enhanced, event notifications support selected notifications and batch deletion of notifications.

Security foundation provides DSA digital signature algorithm capabilities, ArkCompiler Ark running It supports the JSContext function and the dynamic PGO function, and DFX provides a unified acquisition framework capability, which is convenient for developers to debug and debug applications.

OpenHarmony 4.0 Beta 2

Additionally, the Ark development framework ArkUI-X 1.0.0 ushered in the Canary1 version on August 6. The main capabilities include:

  • Application development paradigm: supports the declarative development paradigm based on ArkTS.
  • Application development model: supports Stage development model.
  • Developer tools: DevEco Studio (IDE) and ACE Tools (command line) are provided to build ArkUI-X applications.
  • Hybrid development capability: ArkTS declarative development paradigm and Stage model support integration in existing iOS / Android applications, loading, parsing, and running through existing applications.
  • Cross-language call capability: Provide FFI (Node-API) and platform bridging mechanisms for API extension and platform plug-in development.
  • Basic test debugging: support unit/UI/XTS integration testing and ArkTS breakpoint debugging.

There’s a full description of these features on the OpenHarmony 4.0 Beta 2 changelog, which you can check on the Gitee website.

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