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Ali Pingtouge’s RISC-V chip adopts OpenHarmony operating system




The head of the OpenHarmony Architecture Team, Lian Zhian announced that Ali Pingtouge’s RISC-V chip adopted the open-source HarmonyOS operating system platform – OpenHarmony.

A few days ago, Lian Zhian also shared a demo video on the Chinese video-sharing website Bilibili. The development board used in the demonstration is equipped with Pingtouge Yingying 1520 chip and running OpenHarmony 3.2 Release version. The entire device could be accessed with the onboard touch screen.

Earlier this year, Runkaihong released the OpenHarmony standard system development platform HH-SCDAYU800 development kit based on the Pingtouge SoC prototype “Yingying 1520”, which is adapted for research and development.

RISC-V openharmony

Ali Pingtouge Yingying 1520 is a high-performance RISC-V SoC prototype designed based on the Wujian 600 platform. Its performance covers various scenarios such as edge computing, artificial intelligence, image recognition, and multimedia.

The Wujian 600 platform supports 4-core high-performance RISC-V processors with a maximum frequency of 2.5GHz. It can achieve the overall optimization of the CPU+XPU heterogeneous architecture. It also supports 64-bit LPDDR4X, with a maximum throughput of 4266MT/s.

It integrates 4TOPs Int8 AI computing power and the whole process meets the GP TEE international security standard. Wujian 600 platform is expected to help chip companies significantly reduce chip development costs and risks, and greatly shorten the development cycle.

The latest adaptation of OpenHarmony on Ali’s RISC-V platform will further the development of advanced applications.


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