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Cocos Creator 3.8 LTS brings open source HarmonyOS 4 platform support



Cocos Creator 3.8 LTS

On August 2nd, Cocos Creator released the 3.8 LTS version and it comes with platform support for open-source HarmonyOS 4. Providing better features for the OpenHarmony game developers.

The Cocos Creator team and OpenHarmony team are working together for over the past 2 years. The game engine added support for HarmonyOS back in 2021 and it continues to improve the development environment for the OpenHarmony operating system in the gaming field.

Cocos Creator 3.8 LTS

With Cocos Engine 3.8, the game development software officially entered in support of OpenHarmony 4.0. This new support opens the gate to new improvements in TS scripts. Also, there is a new AOT optimization option to provide better runtime performance.

Cocos Creator is both an efficient, lightweight, free, and open-source cross-platform 2D & 3D graphics engine and a real-time interactive 2D & 3D digital content creation platform. With many advantages such as High Performance, Low Power Consumption, Streaming Loading, and Cross-Platform Publishing, you can use it to create projects in fields such as Games, Cars, XR, MetaVerse, and more.

The inclusion of open-source HarmonyOS 4.0 in Cocos Creator 3.8 will further boost the gaming environment development.

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