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Open-Source Technology will play vital role in future: Huawei



Huawei Open-Source Technology

Huawei is hyping up its efforts to meet the new digital technology era. In doing so, the company is introducing several solutions that can help every operator to indulge in this beneficial procedure. Apart from these solutions, Huawei also believes that Open-Source Technology will play a worthwhile role in a sustainable future.

The Chinese manufacturer recently appeared at the Open Source Summit Europe event. At this event, the chief strategy officer of Huawei – Bryan Che said the following statement about the usage and advantages of Open-Source Technology:

“Open-Source Technology can play an important role in tackling the climate emergency by offering greater opportunities for collaboration and shared learning on key issues. We need the creativity and applications of open-source technology to solve big issues.” said Che

Bryan Che also assured us that open-source research can be a real change in the world of cloud operations, services, and devices. Consequently, the respective tech facilities will bring new advancements in the fields of global sustainability.

Huawei Open-Source Technology

Open-Source and Sustainability

So far, Huawei is serving in the open-source project since 2010. The company has also donated its efforts to Gitee which is the largest open-source software repository in China. To date, the Chinese manufacturer is the 10th largest contributor to GitHub.

Another indicative project to which Huawei has contributed is OpenHarmony. The company has granted the code of the open-source operating system to the OpenAtom Foundation of China.

Till now, the company has made its presence in numerous collaborative projects to enhance open-source security. Even at present, the Chinese tech maker is focusing on some new techniques that aim to bring some crucial modifications to the security practices around the open-source community.

Huawei believes that Open-Source solutions will help in bridging the gap between the global economy. Besides, this solution will mainly focus on sustainable growth. Hence, every individual will remain at an advantage with this technology.


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