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October 2021 HarmonyOS security for Huawei smartwatches



October 2021 HarmonyOS smartwatches security

There are a lot of smart wearables available in the market available for your to explore but smartwatches made by Huawei have their footprint on consumers. Take a look at the Watch 3 series. This lineup is sold as the first smartwatch to pre-equip the HarmonyOS operating system.

HarmonyOS for smartwatches has its own specialty and enhances the fitness and health feature to maximize the overall user experience. The HarmonyOS 3 powered Huawei smartwatches also make it up to the most battery-efficient battery drive on any smartwatch available for you to purchase.

Moreover, you’ll get a sophisticated design that won’t disappoint you in terms of choices and provides an all-around performance.

More HarmonyOS smartwatches:

This year, Huawei has plans to unveil more smartwatches including the Watch GT 3 and a smartwatch with a blood pressure sensor. Similar to the Watch 3 series, these smart wearables will also come with pre-installed HarmonyOS.

Currently, Huawei has not confirmed the launch date for these smartwatches but the company could introduce them next month (November).

October 2021 HarmonyOS Watch Security

October 2021 HarmonyOS Watch Security:

Just like smartphones, smartwatches also receive new software updates. These updates aim to fix different kinds of bugs and security flaws found in the software system. Not only do these updates fix the system issues but also improves overall performance by adding new features.

In the latest edition, Huawei has released the October 2021 HarmonyOS security patch for the smartwatches.

The security vulnerabilities may affect Huawei wearables that run HarmonyOS. If the security patch level of your Huawei wearable is 2021-10-01 or later, all issues described in this update and the HarmonyOS Security Bulletin – October 2021 have been resolved.

Huawei Watch 3

In detail, the October 2021 HarmonyOS smartwatches security patch fixes 1 high and a medium level of CVE in the framework. Three medium and high-level HarmonyOS 2.0 issues were fixed in the smartwatch’s kernel.

There are 5 medium and high levels of vulnerabilities found and patched in the system. Meanwhile, 2 high and 5 medium levels of security flaws in the application section have been marked with this rollout.

Furthermore, the third-party library has its own issues and these include CVE-2021-0687 as critical and 5 high level of viruses.

Currently, there are only two devices that are eligible to get this software security patch – Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro.

Smartphone security:

Aside from these smartwatches, Huawei has also detailed, HarmonyOS 2.0 security patches for smartphones and tablet devices. The October 2021 HarmonyOS security patch for smartphones and tablets fixes various bugs to provide a large number of security benefits for consumers.

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