Nokia says it is leading in 5G orders over Huawei

Huawei is a world leader in the telecom equipment business but the indexing in the US’s entity list has affected the company’s 5G business across the globe and directly benefit its rivals.

Huawei denies reports of reducing smartphone production

According to Reuters, Nokia has recently said it has 42 commercial 5G order and has made a lead over Huawei. Nokia director Federico Guillen said the US concerns over Chinese equipment technology has brought attraction to their Nordic vendors.

The report also reveals that Huawei has an estimated 40 commercial 5G orders, Ericsson has publically announced 19 contracts.

After Huawei’s network security concerns raised by the US, more customers are choosing to go with other options which include Nokia for both either core parts or as a replacement of existing providers, said the official.

Nokia said 22 of its 5G deals are with named customers such as T-Mobile, Telia, and Softbank. It has won 12 new 5G orders since late March, which we believe was in Huawei’s corners before the US restrictions.




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