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No issue in using Huawei’s 5G network gear in Africa: Orange CEO



According to the latest information, the CEO of French telecom – Orange, Stephane Richard said that the company isn’t planning to use 5G network equipment from the Chinese vendors specifically for Europe and will give priority to other vendors such as Ericsson and Nokia.

However, Richard also made it clear that he didn’t find any problem cooperating with Huawei in Africa. As undoubtedly, Huawei dominates the 5G equipment market in Africa and provides enough machinery to the operators.

The CEO made these statements at the 2021 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain. He has no problem working with Huawei for its advanced technology.

“We’re working more and more with Chinese vendors in Africa, not because we like China, but we have an excellent business relationship with Huawei”, says CEO Richard at MWC

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Although Huawei is accused by the European government of spying on the consumer’s data and being a security threat, the Chinese firms have been denied many times saying, all these charges are false and concluded on wrong measures.

However, other countries such as Britain and Sweden have already forbidden the Chinese suppliers and blocked their market in the country and explaining the reason as political affairs.

Concerning this fact, Richard explained that “It’s not only the pressure from the government – we are European citizens and share the concern”. The company is welcoming the South Korean tech giant, Samsung to do business with the company, which recently signed a business agreement with Vodafone.

To be mentioned, Huawei’s network equipment business has been taken by Ericsson and Nokia in the European market under the US-Sanction.

(Via- Reuters)

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