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Huawei continue to expand business in Africa, Senegal is the next to fix a deal




The latest report revealed that Huawei will continue to expand its business in Africa despite the previous sanctions against the company from Western countries.

Senegal will be the next African country to set business with Huawei and will shift the government data and digital programs of the country to the data centers built by Huawei says a report.

The inaugural function of the data center, built by Huawei was concluded on Tuesday last week. The Senegalese President and Chinese ambassador Xiao Chan were present at the ceremony.

The Senegalese President – Macky Sall believes that a corporation with Huawei would help sustain the country’s digital supremacy by installing its advanced technology.

“It will be necessary to proceed to the rapid migration of data hosted abroad or at national level in structures that do not comply with standards in this area”, Said Senegalese President on inaugural ceremony of data center

Talking about the data center, its sponsored by the Export-Import Bank of China (Exim) with a basic capital of 150 million US Dollars. It’ll join the global network by Senegal’s 6,000-km fiber-optic network and an undersea cable chain.

To be mentioned, it’s said that Huawei is working on about 25 projects across Africa at present, which shows the faith of African countries in the technology of Huawei.

African countries are in need of innovative high-level data management technology in order to avoid the security risk of hiring fine-tuned machines from other manufacturers, said Henry Tugendhat- senior policy analyst with the China team.


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