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Huawei 5G super uplink solution surpasses over 450Mbps uplink rate: Huawei



Ryan Ding, Huawei Executive Director and President of Carrier BG delivered a keynote speech at Mobile World Congress 2021 (MWC 2021) and said that the major goal of operators in 5G is to achieve business success in three key markets – consumers, homes, and industries.

As of today, 5G has been applied in over 1000 projects in more than 20 industries including steel and mining, enabling safer and more efficient production. This marks a great success in the 5G technology and its adaptation.

Talking about Huawei, the Chinese telecom giant has installed over 820,000 5G based stations alone in China in the past 18 months. With this deployment, Chinese operators achieved a 6.5% increase in revenue and a 5.6% increase in net profits in the first quarter this year.

With the introduction of the a new massive MIMO, Huawei says it’s the lightest and most powerful MIMO device that consumers less energy. It can be carried and installed by just one person, which speeds up network deployment.

According to Huawei, the new Optical Cross-Connect (OXC), one sub-rack can replace nine cabinets normally needed. It has four times larger capacity, but uses 95% less power.

Huawei’s 5G Super Uplink solution combines the advantages of 2.1 GHz and 3.5 GHz to enhance uplink capacity and indoor coverage. This solution provides a peak uplink rate of over 450 Mbit/s, enabling hundreds of users to live stream the Xiamen Marathon in 4K in April using their 5G smartphones.

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