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New SF5 smart car spotted with Huawei Smart Selection logo



Last month, Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 fully electric car has been launch and crossed the 3,000 plus orders in just two days after the launch, which an amazing record of the Cyrus itself.

Not only this, it reached an excellent record of more than 6,000 orders per week, 10,000 plus orders as the latest news suggest. Huawei’s car technology plays a big role and collects the credit behinds the popularity of the SF5 model.

The Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection technology includes Huawei HiCar SolutionHarmonyOS ecosystem, Huawei Sound, and Huawei DriveONE jointly creates the seamless interaction between the car cockpit and smartphone.

As per the latest news shared by the Chinese Media, a declaration map of Jinconcelis Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 has been spotted with the “Huawei Smart Selection” text logo at the back of the model.

It can be observed that this new car has the same structure as the previous one. It’s designed with 4700mm of length, 1930mm of width, 1625mm of height with the 2875mm of wheelbase length. Adding to this, it features the “Cyrus SEP200 motor + Huawei Drive One three-in-one electric drive”.

However, the previous model has been priced at 216,800 Yuan for the two-wheel-drive version and 246,800 Yuan for the four-wheel-drive version. It can achieve an extended range of 180 KM on daily basis with 405kW power, an 820N.m torque force, 4.68 s/100KM acceleration, covering more than 1000KM long distance.


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