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Should Huawei build its own Car Brand? Fans wants to see this happen



There is no doubt that Huawei is not only emerging in the smart car industry but also bringing innovations. This Chinese firm owns many patents related to the smart car industry, which will take smart automotive technology to new heights.

This patent line includes the battery life estimation technology, self-adjust rearview car technology, electric charging, long-distance wireless car charging, smart voice interaction method, AI heat control, battery life extension technique, motion trajectory prediction technique, and many more. The company is still exploring them and creating innovations.

Previously, Huawei has made it clear that they are not interested in making cars rather than focusing on supplying the smart car spare part and installing its technology to the car. Overall, it wants to help the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is making good cars.

Talking about the smart car technology, Huawei has been already presented the ArcFox Alpha S Series, Smart Selection SF 5, and launched GAC Trumpchi M6 Pro Series with the BAIC, Cyrus, and GAC Group respectively. The technology used in the car is installed by Huawei while the car manufacturing has been done by the associate partners.

These car models have been receiving a great response from consumers, who are very satisfied with the service. It can be proven by the fact that the Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 model has been reached over 3000 plus reservations in just two days, which shows the satisfactory service of the model and over 10000 in the following two weeks.

Simentenious, it’s the first electric car which has been put on display in Huawei flagship store. The company has initially started to sell smart cars and it will add more models in the future.

Adding to this, at the International Shanghai Auto Show, executive vice president of Audi R&D in China, Michael Hofmann praises the Huawei smart car experience during interviewed by the media reporters. He commented, Audi can consider Huawei’s autonomous driving technology in the coming days. It surely gives some hope to those who are looking for this collaboration.

Now, the question wondering in our minds is should Huawei build its own cars or not. Because possessing such powerful smart car technology, this Chinese tech firm can easily beat up the rival in this field.

A report revealed that Huawei can achieve 1000 kilometers of continuous independent driving in the downtown area and shows better performance than US-based Tesla. Now, this company has the potential to defeat such a big name in the automotive industry, we can only imagine what will this Chinese firm come with it if ever happens to create its smart car brand.

What made Huawei to emerging in the automotive field? Yes, Huawei’s exclusive technology, which never fails to impress its customers and always gave that, what they want, comfort, and convenience.

Huawei Smart Car Technology:

Huawei holds many of the active patents for smart car technology and the remaining are on paper but once activate, it’ll just make a boost. To date, Huawei’s self-developed-micro-kernel-based HarmonyOS is one of the most reliable smart Cockpit systems software.

We can see these technologies in the cars which are just launched. Let’s took a glimpse at them. They include-

  • HarmonyOS based smart driving system
  • Kirin 990A smart car processor
  • Huawei DriveONE
  • Powerful Lidar System
  • Huawei ADS (Autonomous Driving Support)
  • Fast charging technology
  • Huawei HiCar ecosystem
  • Powerful camera system
  • Domain controllers
  • Smart Voice interaction methods
  • Precise control algorithms


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Under this discussion, many fans want to see Huawei building its own car brand and bring it to the market.

However, if you are thinking that even with all these achievements why Huawei isn’t willing to establish its car company. Let me tell you, although car-making can make up for the loss, which Huawei has been facing under the US ban, but making cars is not the only way to enter the smart car market.

Moreover, this tech firm is willing to join hands with the other smart car companies and help them to create the most innovative vehicles, which can ride us towards a fully digital and smart era. In this line, Huawei is making a huge investment of 1 billion US dollars in smart car components for 2021.


Undoubtedly, this smartphone maker can be a great threat to the existing car manufactures. If Huawei ever makes its mind to establish its own smart car brand, it surely has advanced benefit in terms of technology. Also, the smart car industry itself boasts a lot of future opportunities.

However, it’s not easy to manufacture a car, it requires continuous efforts and diligence in one’s work. At the same time, the saying applies that the fruit of endurance and hard work is always sweet, which you have to patiently wait for the outcome.

Working further in this field it already reached to car selling from a spare parts supplier, bearing this responsibility the company own about 5,000 high-end experience store across the globe. It won’t taker longer for Huawei in conquering the automotive industry.

Also, Huawei’s expertise in the smart car industry is growing rapidly and the Chinese tech giant is leaving no stone unturned to grow even faster in terms of innovation and deliver it in the best way to its customers. On other hand, moving carefully and making slow achievements is far better than being hasty and falling on the road, that’s where Huawei is doing right.

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