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NetEase Cloud Music becomes the first music app to support Huawei HarmonyOS



Huawei NetEase Music

China’s largest commercial music streaming service NetEase Cloud Music and the tech giant Huawei have announced their corporation at the HDC 2021 Together. Now, this music app will allow more users to access its services.

To be mentioned, the app initially supports iOS devices meanwhile the Android supports is quite tricky for the users. However, this app has the largest playlist containing almost every album of the singer in China. Thus, it’s a popular platform that attracts a majority of Chinese music listeners.

As for Huawei, it has a massive user base in its native market as well as in the global market. Thereby, it’s a win-win corporation for Huawei and NetEase Music to satisfy their respective users.

According to the information, NetEase Cloud Music became the first music app to support Huawei HarmonyOS cross-platform service. It’ll allow the other device of HarmonyOS ecology to realize the seamless connection of NetEase Cloud Music product functions.


NetEase Music

In addition, the function will be officially launched in November, so users can wait until the time. Users will be able to stream the NetEase Music playlist on the nearby Huawei device running on the HarmonyOS operating system. A simple tap is enough to achieve the multi-scene collaboration of software and hardware resources.

About NetEase Cloud Music:

Owned by the China-based NetEase Inc., the NetEase Cloud Music is a music streaming platform with more than 800 million active users. It’s first debuted in April 2013 and offers playlist downloading for free. At present, it has upgraded to the 8.6.00 version to install various features compared to the other applications of this genre.

Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (Together)

The HDC 2021 was conducted between 22nd to 24th October. At the event, the company discussed many topics including HarmonyOS, smart homes, smart offices, HMS Core, and more.

Furthermore, HMS Core 6.0, new HarmonyOS Connect products, sports health science laboratory, and more were launched at the conference. Besides, we have got to know about the various upcoming products, present achievements in the respective fields, and current market status of the company.


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App Updates

Huawei Petal Maps update features new night lighting effect



Huawei Petal Maps update

Huawei has started rolling out a new update for the Huawei Petal Maps with a (001) build. The latest firmware brings new improvements to the application system. Alongside, some new implementations take place with the fresh update.

The new (001) update for Huawei Petal Maps brings a new night lighting effects feature. As a result, users can add a special lighting effect for buildings and streetlights. Moreover, it will give a unique insight into the application.

Apart from the lighting effects, users will also find a new Travel assistant that will assist the individuals regarding the traveling route. Consequently, it will help in navigating the pathways more conveniently.

Next, users will find a parallel road toggle button which will enable users to switch between parallel and side roads with one single tap. Hence, if you are a Petal Maps app user, and wanted to enhance the user experience, then we recommend installing the latest update.


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Huawei Petal Maps Update: Changelog

  • Parallel road toggle: Switch between parallel main and side roads with a single tap
  • Travel Assistant: Get extra help when traveling abroad
  • Night Lighting Effects: Adds special lighting effects for buildings and streetlights

You can download the latest Petal Maps update through the link given below:

Download The Latest Huawei Petal Maps Update

Huawei Petal Maps update

Huawei Petal Maps is a strong opponent against Google Maps. The application is capable of serving multiple functionalities that are generally absent in any other mapping and navigation service. However, the application only works wonders for Huawei devices running without GMS.

Briefing the features, the Petal Maps offers influential GPS navigations. It selects the best route for you based on real-time traffic, nearby places, or your previous searches. Further, it supports voice navigation, live location sharing, and more. Overall, the app serves as the best travel guide for your pathways.


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Google Play

Try these 5 hidden Google Play Store tips 



For some, Google Play Store is known as just a platform to deliver apps and more but it’s not limited to that, it is packed with some amazing features that enhance your experience with the app to operation and functioning.

Well, today we enlisted some amazing and hidden tips from the Google Play Store that you might be aware of if you aren’t familiar with them. Below you can check the feature that you should try on Google Play Store.

Get a refund for paid apps

It happened some time that we purchase the Google Play Store application without knowing much about it, and regret after. But did you know you can make a refund for the paid app on the Google Play Store?

Google Play Store offers a refund for a valid reason with a fast and straightforward process. All you need to fill Google Play refund form within 48 hours after purchasing the app you have to request it.


On the other hand music, movies and books may offer a longer refund, also you can contact the developer.

Unlock Early Access and apps Beta program:

The applications Beta programs will give you a kind of kick and it offers you a chance to judge the app’s functioning and review your experience. The upcoming app that generating a lot of buzz but hasn’t been released to the public at the moment.

With the beta program you can try them out ahead of time, just check if it’s available as an early access app. You can access compatible and available beta apps via the for you tab, for you can directly search for ‘Apps and development’, and the result shows you the list of available beta apps that recommend for you.

We must suggest you try this for one you might love this and but all you need to care about the app might be buggy, poorly optimizes ad prone to crashes, just read all the applications before going ahead with its beta program.

Prevent kids from installing apps:

Well kids now a day are heavily attracted to playing video games on mobile phones and denying them is become another problem for the mother, but here we come up with a solution for your to percent them from installing the new app from your mobile.


Google Play is offering a Parental mode for such situations you can use it in some easy steps:

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Click on your profile icon

  • Then settings
  • Now family option

  • From here turn on the parental control and set a PIN

  • Customize the control for each content type

Bookmark App:

If you like some have but are not interested to install them at the moment you can add them to your wishlist, doing that you can easily check the change and improvements of the app and install it anytime without searching for it.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Select the app you want to add wishlist

  • Move to wishlist

Disable Auto-Updates for Certain apps:

Occasionally wake up knowing that the app has been updated overnight, but experience the new version is worse than earlier. Other apps push updates every few days, which is really annoying and eating your data. You can turn them in such an easy way.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Click on the profile icon
  • Tap on Manage apps and devices
  • Then Updates available
  • Click on the app you want to disable the Auto-update

  • Open the three dots top on the screen

  • Enable or disable the auto-update
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Huawei Apps

Huawei Wallet gets new version update



Huawei Wallet update

Huawei started releasing a new update to the Wallet application through the AppGallery for the devices, which comes with a build version. This latest release brings some significant improvements and relevant security fixes.

The new version of the Huawei Wallet app enriches the overall performance to give you a better experience. Meanwhile, Huawei Wallet is your ticket to an easier life, all your need to add your bank cards, transportation cards, and more to operate your digital wallet effortlessly.

Meanwhile, the Chinese tech giant doesn’t mention the changelog, although the update doesn’t add any new noticeable changes and features, it aims to improve your usability to give your a flawless operation.

The most highlighted feature of the Huawei Wallet is you can add or remove cards for Huawei In-app purchases and view your purchase history in Huawei Mobile Services.


As mentioned in the update source, the version of the Huawei Wallet has a hefty installation weight of around 107.42MB. Meanwhile, adopting this update is important for security purposes.

Huawei Wallet update

You can install it via the AppGallery or directly using the third-party app link mentioned below:

Huawei Wallet App:

The wallet includes loyalty cards, gift cards, coupons, access cards, and bank cards, making it easy to access your smart life through the Huawei phone. Certain models come with a wallet pre-installed. And if it’s not come pre-installed then you can get it via AppGallery. Notably, its feature is depending on your Huawei model. Meanwhile different models and some unique features.

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